Zapier is a no-code platform for creating processes and workflow automation with 3000+ apps ready for integration. The platfoerm is DIY inclined, any user can create/activate workflows with few clicks.






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What is Zapier?

Zapier allows interaction between external applications and services without any need for coding.

It is a no-code platform for creating processes and workflow automation when situations or certain tasks warrant it.

Currently, Zapier can boast of 3000+ apps that can potentially integrate or connect. This brings the possibility of connections to millions, if not hundreds of millions.

Why Zapier?

The idea is to eradicate some boring and repetitive tasks that can be automated without the fear of delay or reduction in productivity.

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Zapier helps you stick with the apps that work for you and sync them together in order of operations.

As a no-code platform, connects web apps more than other platforms like it. Every week, Zapier adds new options for users to explore.

Zapier’s editor was designed for DIY automation.  Any user can create and activate workflows with a few clicks. You can set up your workflow or “Zaps” without the help of any developer or code.

Save Time

You can integrate with 3,000+ web apps or tools.

zapier nocode website

Daily Integrations

Your integration connects you with at least two new apps every day.

zapier nocode website

Get More Leads

Get exposure to over 3 million of users through their app directory, content, and partner network.

Increase Customer Retention

You are more likely to upgrade your account because you would likely have more customers than before.

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Close More Sales

When you already have the tools your customers are looking for, it is very easy for them to say “yes” to you because you have already said “yes” to all they ask.

zapier nocode website


You can start building your integration today because it requires no cost unless you want some special features.

How Does Zapier Work?

An automated workflow created on Zapier is called Zap. Zap is made up of 2 elements essentially:

Trigger | an event that initiates the Zap

Actions | an event that is triggered

The activation of the Trigger would cause the Actions to be performed in a precise sequential manner.

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You can design the activation of your Trigger to respond to certain conditions only. This is done through the insertion of Filters.

You can also set Paths to help you trigger varieties of events based on different conditions.

MonoStep Zap consists of 1 Trigger and 1 Action (single filter and path) and is available on the free subscription package, while Multi-Step Zap consists of more Triggers and Action, which is only available on the paid subscription package.

Task is when a Zap has completed all the actions.

With Zapier, you can:

  •         Build your integration using the tools of your choice
  •         Give users early access to your integration
  •         Work with them on an official launch campaign to spread the word further.
  •         Surface your integration in your app.
  •         Earn benefits as you grow with the Integration Partner Program
  •         Get additional resources like a Partner Marketing Kit.

You can customize Zaps to perform any task. All you need to do is tweak an existing template or develop your template from scratch.

Design or tailor solutions to your team’s perticular needs by adding or creating multiple steps and workflow filters and paths.

How much does Zapier cost?

Like most SaaS services, using the free package has its limitations.

FREE version gives you the opportunity to:

  • create only 1 Mono-Step Zap
  • create 50 Tasks per month
  • Update data every 15 minutes
zapier nocode website

You would need to move to a paid subscription the moment you start creating and automating complex workflows.

Conclusion on this Zapier review

Zapier is an easy-to-use no-code platform that comes with many flexible services and apps to integrate to form a productive and time-conscious workflow.

On Zapier and in the Zapier community, you also have access to technical documentation and supporting documentation, respectively.

zapier nocode website

Although the cost of the paid subscription to ensure the full functioning connection of apps and to create workflow may not be exactly cheap, especially if the number of tasks/month is high, it is one of the main no-code platforms available for Citizen Developers.

codernocoder no-code low-code developer platform coders nocoders
Sooner or later CODERs and NOCODERs have to join forces…

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