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Without Code is a cloud-based website builder. It does not require writing code for the users to build the site.






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What is Without Code?

without code nocode website

Without Code is a cloud-based website builder, allowing users to build sites without needing to write code. It is built on an established website builder and customized through extensive widgets, plugins, themes, and other integrations.

without code nocode website

With its no-code platform, this website builder enables you to build and launch a site in minutes.

without code nocode website

When you’re just starting a new website, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. You can either begin by creating a theme or wireframe or start from scratch with templates.

without code nocode website

Choosing a web host with the right speed and support for your site will help it find on Google, no matter which device your users access it from.

How Does WithoutCode Work?

Without Code lets you choose a template to get started. You can also add things like text and images, adjust aspects like layout and colour, share your site with clients and team members, then publish it for the world to see.

without code nocode website

Building and Managing Websites

Website Dashboard

If you’re not yet logged in, go to the app wocode.com and log in to your account. Once you log in to your account, you will see the following options: My Websites, Documentation, Forum, and Account.

You can use the Websites section to manage all your websites. You can create as many sites as you need or delete those that are no longer relevant.

Build a New Site

Select a template, click “Preview” to get a detailed view of the different layouts, or create a blank website to start building your site.

After you’ve selected a domain name, click “Next.”Go to the site editor and start customizing the site.

Site Structure

WithoutCode sites have rows and columns, which you can use to create a layout instantly. You can use them to make your site look professional, no matter what you’re selling.


Sections can be used to add additional content to your website.  If you see the “+” symbol between two rows, click it to add a section.

Adding Text, Images, and Other Widgets

When using the Without Code site editor, you can customize the elements included in the template (or add new ones if using a blank template). You can customize any number of elements, such as text, images, photo galleries, and buttons.

Adding Text

You can change the text in a template by double-clicking inside the text area, typing new content, and changing the font, text size, and header style.

 Text blocks are easy to create. To begin, go to the left panel and click on “widgets.” From there, you can drag the “Text” widget onto the page. After placing it, double-click on the text block to

Adding Images

To add an image, first, click on the “Images” tab and then click on the “Add Image” button to upload or insert an image. Add the desired image and edit it as desired.

Customize Elements

You can edit content and design elements to ensure a message gets through and that appropriate features are included.


To edit a row, click on its cell. The options will vary by the object you clicked but allow you to change the text in the cell, add a link to another website, or add a widget.


To change the elements of the design, you must click on any of them. The options are different for every element, but they generally allow you to alter layout, style, background color, etc.

Left Sidebar Menu

Design Menu

The Design tab is where you make styling choices for various elements, which can save you time as you can make confident, consistent choices one time instead of making those choices over and over again as you add new content.

Pages Menu

This tab lets you adjust the order of your pages, add SEO details to them, and add dropdown menus.

Content Menu

This tab will help you to bring different types of content to your site. You can then use this content for your visual content boxes.

Personalize Menu

This section allows you to set up personalization rules. This can be seen as a trigger (e.g., the user is on the page) leading to action (e.g., showing a pop-up).

Store/Blog Menu

You can use the tabs to add and manage an eCommerce storefront or add a blog to the site.

Sharing with clients

Preview Sites

You can use the “Preview Link” to share a sneak peek of your content with your clients and team members.

Content Management System Users

Adding Users

To add a user to your site, visit the Dashboard and click on “Settings.” Once you have done that, click on “Users.” From there, enter the username and the email address.

Managing Users

You can control who has access to your CMS by choosing “Manage CMS Users.” When you select a user, you can see its access level and add a new site.

Publishing your website

Once you are ready to go live, select the “Publish” button, pick your desired subscription plan, and After you fill in your billing details, the site will be live!

How Much Does Without Code Cost?

Without Code has three Pricing Plans:

without code nocode website

Starter Plan

You can get started with the Starter Plan free of charge, but you have to pay Standard Hosting Fees ($99/yr or $11/mo). And you get six free starter themes, and essential support is also included.

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan costs $99 per year, and it offers access to all essential features plus Standard Hosting Fees.

This plan grants you 70+ Premium Themes, Client Editing, Priority Email/Forum Support, and allows you to Add Your Logo.

You get access to unlimited widget libraries, the ability to accept feedback on your site,  the ability to collaborate with other Theme Photos users, and the ability to create an email address for your business.

You also get an annual membership to ThemePhotos.com and MuseThemes.com.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan costs $499 per year. It includes all professional features, a discounted hosting price of $79 per year or $9 per month, a private slack channel, a white label theme gallery, and custom development services.

Conclusion on this Without Code Review

Just like other online tools, without code is constantly improving.

When these improvements are made available to you, they’ll be automatically applied to your site with no additional work on your part.

without code nocode website
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