Webflow is a no-coding online platform that allows users to create websites on a completely visual canvas. Webflow University helps you learn more about front-end development.






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What is Webflow?

Webflow is a no-coding online platform that allows users to create professional, customized websites on a completely visual canvas.

It helps designers create production-ready experiences without the need for coding.

Easily create a website without the need for third-party software professionals, they also provide experts to guide your creation if you feel the need to hire any.

webflow nocode web design

Webflow is the modern approach to web development because it allows you to scale your hosting network in a fast, reliable, and trouble-free way with a single click.

How does Webflow work?


The Webflow Designer is a Photoshop-like tool that allows users to drag and drop HTML elements into a canvas and style CSS values to generate semantic mockups automatically.

The Designer interface is admittedly complex — especially for individuals with no prior experience of fundamental development — but with Webflow University, even complete beginners may quickly learn.

Webflow University can be a great place to start if you’re a designer wishing to get into front-end development.

The platform also has a stripped-down Editor that clients may use to make simple adjustments to their website without causing the site’s overall structure to collapse.


Webflow CMS is the “world’s first visual content management system,” allowing designers to determine the structure and aesthetic of dynamic material without dealing with plugins, PHP, or databases.

This content can be hand-created, imported from a .CSV file, or added through Webflow CMS API.


Webflow Ecommerce gives you complete control over all visual aspects of an online business.

Product pages, gallery and category pages, shopping carts, and checkout pages are examples of this.

You’re not bound to any pre-designed Ecommerce framework.

The software also offers a straightforward way to handle difficult administrative tasks like defining shipping locations, calculating taxes, and inventory and fulfilment tasks.


Webflow Interactions allow designers to create custom CSS transitions and JavaScript animations based on page state and user interaction.

Creating webflow interactions is easy and fast.


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform hosts Webflow, aided by a worldwide content distribution network (CDN) powered by Fastly and Amazon Cloudfront.

Free SSL certificates, HTTP/2 compliance, site search, form control, password security, automatically produced sitemap and automatic backups are included in all hosting plans.

What Does Webflow Cost?

There are two pricing plans: Site plan and Account plan

Site Plan

The site plan enables you to connect a custom domain to the Webflow website you created in your account. Every site plan includes the following features:

  •         Backups and version control
  •         Password protection
  •         Advanced SEO capabilities
  •         Fast loading speeds
  •         Built-in security and SSL
  •         Immediate scaling

The site plan is further divided into website plans and eCommerce plans

webflow nocode web design

Website Plans


Features of basic website plans are-

  •         100 pages
  •         25,000 monthly visits
  •         100 form submissions per month
  •         CDN bandwidth of 50GB
  •         Costs $12 per month

Features of CMS website plans are:

  •         100 pages
  •         100,000 monthly visits
  •         2000 collection items
  •         1000 form submissions per month
  •         CDN bandwidth of 200GB
  •         60RPM
  •         3 content editors
  •         Site search
  •         Costs $16 per month

Features are:

  •         100 pages
  •         500,000 monthly visits
  •         10,000 collection items
  •         2000 form submissions per month
  •         Form file upload
  •         CDN bandwidth of 400GB
  •         120 RPM
  •         10 content editors
  •         Costs $36 per month

Features include:

  •         100 pages
  •         Custom monthly visits
  •         10,000 collection items
  •         Unlimited form submission
  •         Form file upload
  •         CDN bandwidth of 400GB+
  •         Custom RPM
  •         Custom content editors
  •         Site search
  •         Enterprise support and uptime SLAs
  •         Custom SSL certificates
  •         Training and onboarding
  •         Custom billing and MSA
  •         Custom security headers
  •         Contact the sales team to purchase enterprise plan
webflow nocode web design

Ecommerce Plans

The features of eCommerce website include:

  •     Custom shopping cart and checkout pages
  •     Email customization
  •     Integrated CMS
  •     Payment collection via Stripe and PayPal
  •     Automatic tax calculation
  •     Social media marketing integration
  •     Google Shopping and Analytics integration
  •     Mailchimp integration
  •     Custom shipping rates

The eCommerce plans are Standard, which costs $29/ month; Plus, which costs $74/month; Advanced, which costs $212/ month.

Account Plan

Three different levels of account plans for individuals and two levels for teams. The following features are:

  •     Unlimited hosted projects
  •     No-code interactions and animations
  •     Access to 100+ website templates (free and paid)
  •     3D object manipulation
  •     Global swatches
  •     Ability to upload custom fonts
  •     Flexbox
  •     Reusable symbols
  •     Customized client billing
webflow nocode web design

Individual account plans

Individual account plans are ideal for freelance web designers and their clients.

There are three plans individual account plans, and they are:


The Individual Starter plan comes with everything you’ll need to get started.

There’s no need to enter payment information upfront or worry about a limited trial time because it’s always free. The Starter plan allows you to create up to two websites.

There are a few major limits, though: you can’t export your code or transfer your site to another Webflow account with the Starter plan.


Your project limit is increased from two to ten with the Lite account plan. It also allows you to export your code and move your projects around.

This plan is designed for freelance web designers who create fewer than ten sites for clients at a time.

When invoiced annually, the Lite plan starts at $16 per month.


The Pro account plan is designed for the advanced freelancer who works on more than 10 projects at once or chooses to host all of their clients’ websites on their account.

With the Pro plan, you have the freedom to create as many projects as you desire.

Additional features include white labelling and the ability to password-protect your web pages with this subscription. When invoiced annually, it starts at $35 each month.

webflow nocode web design

Team account plans

The Team account plans are ideal for agencies and enterprises with numerous workers working on projects simultaneously. Let’s have a look at the two team account options:


All of the features of the individual Pro plan are included in the Team account plan, including limitless projects.

You also get a team dashboard to make collaboration with team members easier. When invoiced annually, the Team plan starts at $35 per person each month.


If none of the other account options meet your requirements, you can establish your Enterprise plan. This contains all of the Team plan’s features, as well as any additional features you might require.

Conclusion on this Webflow Review

Webflow allows you to develop a website tailored to your company’s needs without knowing how to code.

You’re sure to get a great deal with the payment plans, which are designed to fit your specific needs.

webflow nocode web design
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