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Universe is a nocode website builder that allows users to build a website with mobile devices, operate online marketplaces and directly engage with customers without any prior knowledge of coding.




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What is Universe?

Universe is a no-code mobile website builder. It allows users to build a website with mobile devices. 

It gives users the freedom to operate online marketplaces and directly engage with customers through the platform.

This nocode platform offers various templates and a grid editor to reduce the difficulty for artists, creators, solo entrepreneurs, startups and other users who cannot hire skilled developers.

universe nocode website builder

As social media channels have become broader, more flexible, diversified and all-encompassing, Universe hopes to rediscover the friendly personalisation of Myspace to a fresh set of users seeking to identify their internet presence differently. 

This platform is like the Instagram of all full or no-code website creating platforms. It provides all the functionalities with the infusion of more fun and ease.

universe nocode website builder

With this nocode platform, many businesses have proper control and analytics of their online store performance because the inventory management features allow users to add and remove new products seamlessly compared to existing platforms like Shopify.

All the inventory details and sales performance are available to the users at a click.

Universe offers seamless integration with Apple Pay, enabling users to complete a single-step checkout.

Who is Universe for?

No one needs any prior knowledge of coding or software expertise to make use of Universe. 

If you have a business you want to make available online, a talent you want to showcase, or a list of products you want to market to your customers, Universe helps you cover all the angles you need to make your business visible to your audience. 

The extensive collection of templates allows you to easily create a website that best serves your interest and purpose.

universe nocode website builder

The straightforward search process and streamlined management will profit newer online marketplaces that sell direct products to customers. 

The integration of Apple Mobile Payment provides a safe checkout. 

Authors, musicians, artists and other creative professionals make use of the platform’s drag-and-drop components to try out new projects, content and sell more products or services. 

Universe users must be aware that the platform is mobile, so it is presently only downloadable on the Apple App Store.

How Does Universe Work?

Users are advised to get a website domain after downloading the Universe app, but they can only secure that domain if they sign up for the Pro plan. 

When creating their website, users have various options, including uploading an Instagram profile, a very thoughtful arrangement for users with established followership or audience on Instagram.


You can do anything with your website thanks to blocks. You can upload content, connect your accounts and accept payments.

universe nocode website builder

Grid Editor

The grid editor is used to create everything. You have complete control over how your website appears.

universe nocode website builder

More Pages

After mastering the fundamentals of how to use your blocks and grid editor, you can begin to add pages to your website easily.

universe nocode website builder


As you keep adding pages to your website, think of a simple way your followers will access them. The obvious approach is through your website’s menu. 

universe nocode website builder


With the Payment Block, you can sell products and accept payments online fast and easily.

universe nocode website builder

Order Management

Accepting payments online is just the beginning. 

You can also add a very effective order management system from the Universe app that helps you keep the money coming in.

universe nocode website builder

Blank Canvas

Those with an extra personalised concept are also offered a blank canvas composed of blocks on a grid. 

With the various blocks available, you can incorporate a variety of options and components (payment buttons, videos, social profiles and more). 

With the grid editor, you can also change backgrounds, themes, and the layout structures available.

universe nocode website builder

How much does Universe Cost?

Universe is free for all users with access to basic tools and analytics (email subscribers, website views, etc.). 

Anything more sophisticated than building a website to showcase your portfolio, design your blog and other simple exercises would have to attract an upgrade to Universe Pro – a paid plan with custom domains, payment integrations, other perks and features.

The free plan gives you a variety of features and interesting options, but all these are without full control and the extra functionalities that come with the Pro Plan

Additional Pro Plan pricing details include:

  •         $24.99/month if paying monthly
  •         $10/month if paid annually
  •         $500 for lifetime access

Pro plan benefits include:

  •         Custom domain access
  •         Process of creating online marketplaces
  •         Personalized email address
  •         Payment processing
  •         In-depth web page analytics
  •         TLS site security
  •         Higher Universe search ranking

Conclusion with this Universe review

Universe is mobile, flexible, fun and easy to use.

universe nocode website builder

However, it is more suitable for young people who need something casual without a commitment to sophisticated management. 

It is currently strictly iOS.

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Sooner or later CODERs and NOCODERs have to join forces…

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