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Thunkable is an easy-to-use nocode platform with 50+ design components, logic blocks, and open-ended integrations. Thunkable is where anyone can build their own mobile apps for businesses and other purposes.




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What is Thunkable?

Thunkable is an easy-to-use nocode platform built with more than 50 design components and different animations, a series of logic blocks and open-ended integrations.

thunkable nocode app builder

With this platform, citizen developers can easily design functional apps and programs with drag-and-drop features, drop blocks and web apps accessed online.

All apps built on Thunkable are Android and iOS compatible. 

There are millions of citizen developers building custom apps on Thunkable for businesses, games and other functional purposes.

It is fast, fun, and easy. The best thing is that, with this platform, you can turn your ideas into apps without a single line of code.

Why Use Thunkable?

If you are interested in launching your business digitally or making your products mobile, Thunkable makes it easy for you to build the best apps you can ever think of.

It also allows for effective third-party integrations while connecting your database to create customised Android, iOS and Web apps.

By using this platform you are entitled to enjoy the following benefits:

Ditch the Demo

If you give your clients or prospective clients the front end of your product as an app for firsthand experience, you are already allowing them to get hands-on with a perfect idea of your product without giving them the actual product.

thunkable nocode app builder

Although they are interacting with real data, they are not interacting with the product. This is safer, and you do not have another pitch.

You won’t have to tell your teams, stakeholders and users about your innovation. You can show them!


With Thunkable, you do not need to raise any capital to pilot your business idea.

thunkable nocode app builder

You can bring your ideas to life without any costly overheads with the power of a no-code platform to launch your products or business and without worrying about the technical details.

Customised Controls

If you need to create a control system for your intelligent devices, this platform can help you visualise, design, build, manage and control your smart devices with a mobile app.

No matter the scale of operation, from controlling your hardware to controlling an entire operational system, Thunkable’s integration capabilities help you build controls for the NextGen devices. 

Hardware and software overlap, but they require different skill sets to build.

thunkable nocode app builder

It can be used to create a custom app for your machinery or network while not wasting time searching for and paying a coding expert.

You can use no-code to empower your team to develop a native app that connects to your devices at scale.

How Thunkable Works?

Citizen developers can design user interfaces and determine the appearance of their apps by dragging and dropping components on a canvas made to look like a phone screen.

It includes buttons, text boxes, images, and graphics. 

The possibilities of combining these components are endless.

thunkable nocode app builder


Interface Building/Front-end Development

Citizen Developers move Thunkable blocks and components to change displays on the screen or respond to inputs and commands as a predefined response whenever any app user presses a button.

Operations Design/Backend Development

Now that you have designed how your app looks, it is time to instruct its functionalities.

thunkable nocode app builder

Application Testing

To test the viability of your app on your mobile device, download your live app and open the app. 

Log in to Thunkable with your Google account. 

Search and select the app you just created.

What Does Thunkable Cost?

Free | $0/month

  •   10 Project Limit
  •   200 MB Account Storage
  •   Project Sharing
  •   2 Downloads / month
  •   Community Support
  •   Live Testing
thunkable nocode app builder

Business | $167/month

  •   Billed annually $2000
  •   No project limit
  •   Unlimited private project
  •   Unlimited Account storage
  •   Unlimited downloads
  •   Unlimited publishing to the App + Play store
  •   Publish 5 Web Apps
  •   Embedded Web App in an iFrame
  •   Community Support
  •   Chat Support
  •   Email + Slack Support
  •   Dedicated rep
  •   Onboarding support
  •   Live Testing
  •   In-app purchases (Coming soon)
  •   AdMob Integration
  •   Custom Branding
  •   Custom Font Import

Enterprise| Negotiable

With this nocode platform, you can bring your team members on board at a discounted or reduced rate depending on the agreement after negotiation.

You can enjoy discounted team licenses, advanced features, collaboration opportunities and more with this plan. You can create custom solutions to meet your unique needs.

Conclusion with this Thunkable review

Thunkable helps you build, test, and deploy your customised apps within days and at most weeks. You can make adjustments and necessary changes as you deploy your ideas without major financial implications.

Product Designers are fast using no-code platforms to improve their innovative capabilities. 

Thunkable is one of the best platforms.

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Sooner or later CODERs and NOCODERs have to join forces…

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