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What is Substack?

Substack is an online email newsletter platform that enables you to charge a subscription fee from your audience.

The subscription model serves as an incentive to write what you are passionate about and earn from it.

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Why choose Substack?

Simple yet powerful

Substack takes care of all the publishing needs. All you have to do is your passion itself – write.

Own your work

You own your whole project. Your content, mailing addresses and IP address are all under your complete control.

You can take them all with you at any time if you decide to quit Substack.

Start earning in minutes

This platform makes publishing and earning so simple that you may start making money from your subscriptions within minutes of posting!

Who can use Substack?

It is created to be a platform that accommodates a large variety of creative writers. 

Users of Substack include:


You could combine your writing and podcast episodes. Add short audio remarks, read aloud to your subscribers, or share new music to make your newsletter more engaging.

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You’re not podcasting into thin air on Substack. Email subscriptions provide direct contact with listeners.

Subscribers are linked through comments and community threads. With one click, you can share all episodes to other major platforms (for example, Spotify, Apple podcasts etc.)


Substack’s easy approach allows you to publish to the web and via email, allowing you to reach out to new readers while staying in touch with old ones.

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Investing and business writing

Known as financial writing. Writers in finance and investment flock to this site to produce their finest work and grow thriving subscription businesses.

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Comic book creators

Comic book authors produce their greatest work here and make a fortune by interacting directly with their audience.

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The world’s best comic book authors are constructing successful independent enterprises using this platform.

Local news agencies

Editorial independence is ensured by the subscription model.

Writers have to be devoted to their readers so they can concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

How does Substack work?

  • Choose a niche
  • Set up your newsletter. It’s time to build up your Substack once you’ve decided what you want to write about.
    To begin, you must first choose a URL for your newsletter archive. You may then fiddle around with numerous other settings, such as who is authorized to comment.
  • Start writing. Now it’s time to get down to business: composing your newsletter. 
    Substack’s website includes an easy-to-use word editor where you may compose and format a post. You can also get help with photo, video, and audio embedding in your newsletter.

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Once you set up your newsletter, you can start earning subscriptions. There are ways to do that:

  1. Paid subscriptions with no additional content.
    If you want to give people a choice to support your work without putting any of your content behind a Paywall, you can enable paid subscriptions as a method to express your support.

  2. All content is only available to subscribers who have paid for it.
    Some newsletters, on the other hand, are completely restricted to paying subscribers. People that wish to see your writing must pay money to do so.

  3. Some content is only available to paying subscribers:
    Giving some exclusive content to paying subscribers while still putting out a free newsletter is a good compromise.
    This is how most newsletters work. The free content serves as a form of advertising, enticing new users, who may (hopefully) switch to the paid plan later.

How much does Substack cost?

For Readers

Writers decide on subscription plans such as monthly and annual.

They will not charge you any additional fees and they accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and other major credit cards.

For Writers

This platform allows you to publish for free, regardless of how many subscribers you have.

If you add paid memberships, you will get a 10% charge, plus Stripe, their payment processor, charges a credit card fee.

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You may see these fees (Stripe and Substack’s) on your Stripe dashboard after enabling payments and having your first paid subscribers.

Conclusion on this Substack Review

Substack balances passion and earning.

substack nocode website

It is just a way to get paid for what you love doing. You write and publish what you love and then get paid for it. Isn’t that the essence of it all?

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