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Squarespace is arguably the best intuitive website building platform for small business owners. Users can build a flexible and customised website by dragging and dropping visuals and templates without coding.






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What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a drag-and-drop and no-code website building platform started in 2004 by a student from the University of Maryland. 

It gives writers, designers, craftspersons and eCommerce store operators the liberty to design beautiful and appealing websites without knowledge of website design.

 squarespace nocode website builder

It is a platform specifically designed for creative people who want to bypass the process of hiring website designers and the rigours of the back and forth complaints attached to it. 

This makes it the choice of millions of people who have used the platform to register or boost their online presence. 

It is arguably the best, intuitive website building platform for small business owners.

Squarespace Offerings

Squarespace’s unique offerings are divided into four distinct categories

No-Code Website Building

It allows creatives to build a flexible and customised website by dragging and dropping visuals and using templates that best portray what they do or sell.

It offers users the opportunity to design timeless portfolios and create a dynamic presence with the addition of web analytics.

squarespace nocode website builder

Website Hosting

With this platform you do not have to look or pay for a server or install extra Software for seamless running. 

You have all you need to create a beautiful and purposeful website on one platform.

squarespace nocode website builder


It empowers you to sell anything directly online without a third party.  

In making your online store experiential for your clients, Squarespace helps you create a first and continuous impression by:

  •   Supplying Multiple Templates
  •   Managing Orders
  •   Creating Membership Options


squarespace nocode website builder

It provides you with the specific tools you need to sell online. This is why it prides itself as better than the rest.

Brand Building Tools

It also has unique tools for creating easily shareable content for brand exposure. 

These tools let you tell your story as a unique brand.

With this platform, you can develop creative email campaigns as dynamic and visually powerful as your website.

squarespace nocode website builder

Other Squarespace offerings you need to know are:

  •   Responsive Templates
  •   Unlimited Storage Space
  •   Supportive Live Chat
  •   Webinars and help guides
  •   Built-in Email Marketing
  • Tools built specifically for eCommerce sites

How does Squarespace Work?

Template Choice

Template choice is the first thing to consider while building your website on Squarespace. 

With this platform, you can choose from at least 140 appealing and aesthetic designs which surpass the template designs of other similar hosted website building tools. 

It also gives you the freedom to collect fantastic images as elements you need to build an attractive and responsive website.

Image Choice

When adding a picture to your website, just utilise the ‘search for image’ option and select an image from Unsplash to use. 

The stock imagery will help the overall corporate website appearance. 

The platform now allows users to purchase pictures from Getty for $10 per image which is a great price.

Typeface selection

Its templates are intelligent and responsive; this means that the appearance of your website will automatically assume the display requirement of tablets, phones and PCs. 

The platform has a range of fonts including 1,000 from Adobe and over 600 from Google. 

This is significantly more than what most competitors offer so it can match your website’s branding to offline marketing materials.

Editing the template design

Customising the Squarespace template is very easy by changing fonts, colours and website width with minimal effort using a menu of styling options on the right side of the screen. 

Apart from Squarespace7.1, you can manually customise templates and also have the opportunity to switch to a different template design.

Customising your Squarespace template

The platform makes it easy to add custom CSS to your website. 

If you ever want to change the design of some templates on your website, this is a good option. 

The customer service team at Squarespace reserves the authority to limit the sort of help you get. 

Many platforms, on the other hand, provide greater control over any chosen templates.

Video backgrounds

It has fantastic video backdrop features which help you create a looped video background for your website through YouTube or Vimeo URL. 

There are also speed options available with the use of varieties of filters. 

Videos as backgrounds must not be more than 500MB with a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

Designing logos with Squarespace

A logo design app is a useful feature of this platform. 

It is pretty basic, so it will not suit everyone, but it has its uses. 

The main thing I would like to see added to it is more typefaces.

How much does Squarespace cost?

It is not the least expensive website builder or hosting service available and does not have any free option for users. 

However, if your primary goal is to quickly create mouth-watering websites that will capture the attention of your existing and prospective consumers, the cost of even a basic or personal plan would not be an issue.

squarespace nocode website builder

Note: If you choose the ‘Business Plan,’ Squarespace takes 3% of all the transactions made via your eCommerce store.

Conclusion with this Squarespace reviews

This platform is a credible web platform for creatives, artists, and eCommerce companies who incorporate visuals in their brand awareness and sales strategy. 

Compared to other website builders, Squarespace’s plans are a bit pricier, but this has been covered by helping you create and host your website simultaneously on one platform.

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Soon or later CODER and NOCODER have to join their force together…

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Squarespace is arguably the best intuitive website building platform for small business owners. Users can build a flexible and customised website by dragging and dropping visuals and templates without coding.

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