Softr is a no-code platform for creating web apps such as online communities and websites on Airtable, as simple as building lego from a template or over 70+ pre-built blocks.






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What is Softr?

Softr is an online platform for quickly and easily creating professional web apps on Airtable.

It is a no-code platform for creating web apps such as client portals, online communities, and websites on Airtable in minutes, easily, and stress-free.

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What can you build with softr?

Client portals

You get to create your client’s or/and employees’ self-service accounts and secure access to its content.

Softr nocode website

Internal tools

Easily build apps and tools such as CRM, employee directories and company wikis in minutes that ensure productivity.

Softr nocode website

Online communities

Connect your community by bringing them on one platform with free and premium content. Easily share your service to your community.

Softr nocode website


You can easily build two-sided marketplaces like Upwork and sell your goods and services.

Secure payment with Stripe and run your whole business on a single platform.

Softr nocode website

Resource directories

Curate and collect resources that can be searched and explored. Create online courses, company wikis directly from airtable.

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Create multi-page marketing sites or high-converting landing pages in a matter of minutes. Freely add your domain.

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Why softr?

Simple and easy to use

Creating is as simple as building Lego.

Begin with a template or one of the 70+ pre-built blocks and then customize any element on the page. No design or coding skills are required.

Softr nocode website

Build platforms and not just websites

You get to convert your Airtable data into a full-stack web app with built-in memberships, payments, and business logic.

Softr nocode website

Once you begin, you can go live instantly.

You don’t need to spend time learning tools. It makes your platform easily accessible to your target audience immediately and ensures that future corrections and updates are easy.

What are the features of Softr?

Free custom domain

With no credit card requirement or payment whatsoever, Softr offers to host on custom domains.


It ensures that user and client accounts and data are secure with the aid of server-side password protection

Softr nocode website

Optimized for SEO

Search engines automatically list pages built with Softr.

Easy online payment

Stress-free online subscription options are offered to members. You can easily enable one-off subscriptions or purchases in seconds.

Softr nocode website

Team collaboration

Softr encourages team collaboration by allowing teammates to manage applications and set granular permissions.

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How does Softr work?

With a variety of pre-built layouts, you can easily display your airtable data. You can choose which information is shared and which is kept private.

Create a stunning web app by selecting 70+ blocks that can be easily customized in every design aspect.

Custom fonts, backgrounds, and buttons allow you to personalize the look and feel of any page or section.

Softr nocode website

Users can easily sign up and securely sign in using their email address and password. There is no need to integrate third-party tools, and your data is always yours.

From your application, you can sell any good or service, add subscriptions to your SaaS, and offer premium membership to your community.

How much does Softr cost?

This platform offers various ranges in price, including free use.

Free: $0 / month

For anyone to get started, a free custom domain is included. Other features include:

  •         Unlimited applications
  •         1 collaborator
  •         1 custom domain
  •         Softr branding
  •         Membership (5 members)
  •         Paywall (Recurring & one-time payments) (5 members)
  •         Airtable integration (200 records)
  •         Email support
Softr nocode website

Starter: $24 / month

For individuals and startups building data-driven apps, features include:

  •         Unlimited applications
  •         1 collaborator
  •         1 custom domain
  •         No Softr branding
  •         Membership (5 members)
  •         Paywall (Recurring & one-time payments) (5 members)
  •         Airtable integration (1000 records)
  •         Custom code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  •         Live chat support

Professional: $65 / month

  • For companies that need custom apps with advanced features:
  • Unlimited applications
  • 2 collaborators
  • 2 custom domains
  • No Softr branding
  • Membership (10,000 members)
  • Paywall (Recurring & one-time payments)
  • Airtable integrations (10,000 records)
  • Custom code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  • Update Airtable records (all logged-in users)
  • Transfer applications
  • Live chat support

Business: $165 / month

For teams and companies that need powerful portals and internal tools. Features are:

  •   Unlimited Applications
  •   5 Collaborators
  •   3 Custom domains
  •   No Softr branding
  •   Membership (100,000 members)
  •   Paywall (Recurring & one-time payments)
  •   Unlimited Airtable integration
  •   Custom access to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  •   Update Airtable records (custom permission rules)
  •   Field level edit permissions per each User Group
  •   Live Charts
  •   Transfer Applications
  •   Onboarding Call
  •   Live chat support

Conclusion on this Softr Review

Softr is intended to assist your creations, showcase your platform to potential clients, and ensure ease of operation. What more could one ask for?

With its simple interface, you can have your different platforms up and running the same day you design them!

Let Softr help you grow your business.

Softr nocode website
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