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Scapic is a nocode platform that gives eCommerce operators the luxury of creating, sharing, and exploring AR, VR & 3D product experiences compelling enough to attract prospective customers. It's one of the first nocode metaverse tool.









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What is Scapic?

Scapic is a no-code B2B service support platform just acquired by Flipkart to give eCommerce operators the luxury of incorporating the idea of 3D imagery and augmented reality for product showcase and marketing. 

It’s one of the first nocode metaverse tool available on the market.

It is majorly domiciled in India, but it has become one of the leading support platforms for eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce

According to their official website, “it is a one-stop-shop for all your high converting 3D & AR product visuals.”

scapic nocode metaverse tool ecommerce 3d

Why Scapic?

With so much emphasis on visual interactions, product experience will become one of the ways of convincing customers to buy from merchants online. 

What better way to do this than through 3D and AR immersive experience. 

This platform aims to deliver an unmistakable and unforgettable product experience that stands merchants out from their competitors.

Value Offering

This platform focuses on three major areas of product experience:

  •   3D Product Visuals
  •   Augmented Reality
  •   Product photographs
scapic nocode metaverse tool ecommerce 3d

The combination of these three areas gives this platform the advantage of becoming the household name for product experience by offering the following advantages to eCommerce merchants and operators:

High Conversion Rate

A high Conversion rate results from an unforgettable product experience because it boosts buyers’ confidence and trust. 

As the products interact with buyers, buying becomes an emotional decision. This is perfect!

Low Product Returns

With 3D and AR, customers get a firsthand expectation of enjoying or making good use of the products. 

Apart from triggering the buyers’ emotions, it also helps them make a good judgment of what they want.

scapic nocode metaverse tool ecommerce 3d

No Code Integrations

No code is required. All you need to do to integrate Scapic into your platform is plug it in a while your buyers play it. 

The videos on your website become easy to watch, like watching a YouTube video. 

Spend Less

Spend less because Scapic has disrupted the game. 

You no longer need the services of expensive studios and agency fees that come with advertising. You spend less and earn more simultaneously.

How Does Scapic Work?

This platform provides a full view of your products by giving you access to dashboards and lets you generate a series of 3D and AR experiences without the use of code. 

It gives you no-code control over how you want buyers to experience your products.

With a preset and predesigned drag-and-drop editor and the necessary in-built tools, you can create, adjust and modify product visuals with high resolution through the following processes:

3D Modeling

3D modeling helps you create a believable model of your product generated and uploaded to your cart through a set of images of your products. 

The set of products will be generated into 3D models like gifs and videos through the help of Scapic’s modelling team.

scapic nocode metaverse tool ecommerce 3d


After generating 3D models, they are added to your product display page through the backend without coding.


Once the models are added to your website, they become available for your buyers to interact with them through the screen or phone. It is that easy!

How Much Does Scapic Cost?

Scapic is very considerate and liberal because it only charges based on given monthly impressions.

Starter/Growth Plan

This plan is good for users between 100-10k views per month because it provides 10,000 impressions per month.

Essentials Plan

This plan is good for users between 10k and 60k views per month because it provides 50,000 impressions. 

This plan also comes with additional features like:

  •   Custom branding
  •   Custom call to action messages
  •   Advanced analytics tools
scapic nocode metaverse tool ecommerce 3d

Comprehensive Plan

This plan is good for users between 60k -200k views per month because it provides 150,000 impressions. 

This plan also comes with additional features like:

  •   Custom branding
  •   Custom call to action messages
  •   Advanced analytics tools
  •   Email Reports

Advanced (The Enterprise Plan)

This plan is suitable for larger businesses and enterprises with more than 200k views per month because it provides 200,000 impressions. 

This plan also comes with additional features like:

  •   Custom branding
  •   Custom call to action messages
  •   Advanced analytics tools
  •   Email Reports
  •   More customized impressions features

Conclusion on this Scapic review

Scapic started to develop a platform that makes it easy to build, share and explore AR, VR and 3D experiences. 

It’s one of the first nocode metaverse tool for ecommerce.

To convert more customers, you need to subscribe to Scapic’s no-code and AR-ready product visualisations platform.


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Soon or later CODER and NOCODER have to join their force together…

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