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What is Paragon?

Paragon is a platform where you can easily connect to external apps + APIs with just a few clicks. They provide ready-made integrations with popular apps like Salesforce, Slack, and Google so you can connect your app in no time.

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A developer can usually integrate Paragon with their application in a few hours. After they do, non-technical users such as product, growth, or client services teams can add new integrations on Paragon.

It is built on open standards and not proprietary APIs so it is easy to integrate with its products.

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How Does Paragon work?

Integrations consist of workflows, which in turn consist of steps, and steps can be things like Slack messages, API requests, and database queries.

It lets you connect apps using their visual workflow editor, which you can then tell to do specific things based on events.

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Every integration will have different requirements based on the system’s needs. Here are the four necessary steps to set up integration with your app.

  1. Integrate Paragon with your app or site by either connecting to an existing database or writing data via API.
  2. Integrate with other applications that can connect your Paragon account with an external application.
  3. It allows you to minimize the steps required for user authentication by adding a sign-in URL on your website or app.
  4. Integration logic refers to what the application must do when two items are dropped into the same workspace.
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You can connect your various cloud services, regardless of which provider you use. Then, the team can quickly develop integrations that are self-hosted.

When using workflow rules to create Datalight workflows, you can monitor data flow in each workflow execution in Task History.

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How much does Paragon cost?

There are three pricing plans.

Free Plan

This platform allows you to sign up for free. However, you are only allowed to use the free plan if your company is in development mode.

You can still use Visual Workflow Builder, but you need to connect it with the API.

Pro Plan

With the Pro Plan, you get all the features that you need to quickly and easily scale your integrations.

Starting with everything in Basic, add three integrations, 1,000 Connected Users (and even more as your business grows), and access to group implementation resources.

Prioritized business support is also provided.

Enterprise Plan

If you’re a high-growth business, you can get all of the features in the Pro along with Volume Integration Pricing and Custom Connected User in the enterprise plan.

This plan also comes with a dedicated Success Manager and an Enterprise SLA. If you’re growing at a rapid rate, then the enterprise plan is best for you.

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Conclusion on this Paragon Review

Paragon can connect to user-facing apps (like Salesforce, Slack, or Google accounts). This type of integration is different from integrating with back-end enterprise software like ERP

It allows you to allow users to securely connect their apps to your product in a way that appears native to your app-your users don’t see or interact with Paragon directly.

Paragon nocode website

The platform provides managed OAuth 2.0 authentication for your users’ apps to give them secure access to your product.

It is a cloud-based integration platform that lets you easily connect various external APIs to your app.

If you’re using Salesforce and Slack and want to display information from one to another, you can easily do that with Paragon.

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