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Parabola is a nocode automation tool designed to relieve you of all unnecessary data or spreadsheet work. It can offer you productivity and timeliness in sales, marketing reports, customer management and bulk order processing.








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What is Parabola?

Parabola is one of the most disruptive online productivity tools.

Like other platforms with drag-and-drop features, you need no code to run it and it provides a plethora of customisable, pre-built components called steps that help you create automation for any work on a spreadsheet without employing developers.

parabola nocode automation tool

It was built to arm everyone with the tools to unleash their analytical skills for automating tasks, building workflows, setting schedules and developing reports to save time and facilitate smart work.

Why Parabola?

This platform is considered one of the most prominent productivity tools because it saves you stress, time, energy and money. 

It is designed to function even without external activity, provided that every element has been correctly input. 

Imagine doing complex Excel computations, generating analytics and processing data by just dragging and dropping.

Parabola nocode automation tool

This platform is designed to relieve you of all unnecessary data tasks or spreadsheet work. 

It also mitigates the possibility of error that comes with manual data tasks. 

It will help you pay attention to more complex tasks that require human involvement. 

Think of Parabola as an extension of yourself, trying as much as possible to succeed in your business.

Below are the advantages that come with using this platform:

  •   Automatic Inventory Update
  •   Automatic Refunds Processing
  •   Customised and scheduled sales and marketing reports
  •   Marketing channel performance analytics
  •   Automatic Task Notifications
  •   Bulk Order Processing

What Parabola Offers

This platform is designed to reduce your workload and increase your productivity. 

Among other ways Parabola can offer you productivity and timeliness, you can enjoy Parabola in the following areas:

Sales Reporting

The problem: It will take many spreadsheets, people and hours to report on performance because a single tool or Software cannot capture all the data you need at once.

The solution: You can integrate all the needed tools through Parabola and preset your reporting system. This costs less time and human labor.

Parabola nocode automation tool

Marketing Reporting

The problem: Difficulty in analysing marketing efforts when data comes from different places. The manual spreadsheet is prone to error and consumes time.

The solution: Parabola helps you schedule exactly what you need without any manual involvement.

Parabola nocode automation tool

Customer Management

The problem: It is hard to keep up with customer information, especially when they all have different interests and expectations scattered all over the country or world.

The solution: This tool helps you interact seamlessly with both returning and new customers through customised and automatic email.

Parabola nocode automation tool

Inventory Management

The problem: Inventory management is hard because the systems are disconnected systems and the manual task is heavily involved.

The solution: It helps you transform all your inventory lines into one connecting link.

Parabola nocode automation tool

Tools and Data

The problem: For every specific data you need to extract from your database, you have to labor for it independently. 

If you need another specific set of data, you will have to do it all over again.

The solution: Setting up a Parabola Flow will help you sync data from to and from multiple tools integrated into your system. 

Every access or analysis will be made in minutes without manual effort.

Parabola nocode automation tool

How Does Parabola Work?

Parabola provides a platform for building automations called a Flow. 

Each Flow is made of steps and arrows. 

Steps either receive or give data out of it, while Arrows are the connecting element that directs data flow from one Step to another. Every Step has a specific task. 

This means automation systems may have many Steps in common, although they serve different functions.

Parabola nocode automation tool
Parabola nocode automation tool
Parabola nocode automation tool
Parabola nocode automation tool

Below is the process for building a Flow for the automation of your spreadsheet:

  •    Find your Steps at the right-hand sidebar.
  •    Configure and edit each Step by double-clicking the Step
  •    Authorising a step from an external service if need be
  •    Connect your Steps with Arrows for the direction of Flow
  •    Duplicate or delete Steps where and when necessary by clicking on the           middle “duplicate” icon below the Step.
  •   Copying and Pasting steps within and between flows
  •   Moving steps from one place to another
  •   Navigating around the canvas to check out the working feasibility of the          Flow
  •   Group steps together by adding cards to provide organisation to the Flow        you have built.

How Much Does Parabola Cost?

There are four pricing plans, and the first plan is free. 

All you need to do is to register and enjoy the beauty of a no-code spreadsheet platform.

Parabola nocode automation tool

Other plans are Plus, Premium, Advanced but below are the benefits of free membership:

  •   3 flows
  •   0 scheduled flows
  •   2 users
  •   28 standard integrations
  •   50 steps per Flow
  •   28 standard integrations
  •   50 steps per Flow
  •   Community access

Conclusion with this Parabola review

If you have any repetitive task that you want to get off your desk without any thought of error or delay, Parabola is your best bet as an automation builder tool that helps you automate your work.

It helps you integrate all the extra tools you can plug into your system and put it to work immediately.  

If you are in the C-level or middle-level management, this platform is for you.

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Soon or later CODER and NOCODER have to join their force together…

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