Notion creates LEGO-inspired blocks for connecting teams, tools, and information in one place for faster execution. Notion has a 24/7 customer service team dedicated to helping you scale your workplace.






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What is Notion?

Notion is based in the sunny Mission district of San Francisco.

It is one of the formidable no-code platforms built to blend much of your workflow that involves opening different workspaces in different apps into just one workspace.

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Notion creates LEGO-inspired building blocks you can use to customize your workspace.

It allows you to solve your problems according to your imagination by providing you with a platform where your imagination finds expression.

By team size, Notion has been specifically designed for:

  •   Personal Use
  •   Enterprises
  •   Small Businesses

Why Notion?

notion nocode website

Notion is rated on G2 as the industry leader, according to reviews from customers. Below are the reasons they all testified to its excellence:

Easy Scaling

When you connect teams, tools, and information in one place, your execution is faster, better and updated.

Access to your daily work and required information are easy for present and new team members.

Your team members, tools, and information expand and change as your customer base increases and your mode of operation changes without any extra or external effort.

The workspace is both elastic and expansive.

Control and flexibility

If you think Notion is powerful, wait until you have more people working together in your workspace.

With advanced permission, you have access to security features to manage the integrity of your growing workspace.

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The platform gives you the advantage of creating, removing, adding, updating or retrieving any user or group in an automated manner.

Success Management

Notion has a 24/7 customer success team dedicated to helping you scale your workplace as your business grows.

They help you set up workshops and training in a way that facilitates excellent delivery with the addition of on-demand videos, ready-made templates, and tutorials.

How Does Notion Work?

By function and the kind of work Notion has been specifically designed for:

Personal Use

Take notes

Capture notes faster and organize them anywhere you want, no matter where you are.

Get organized

Instead of using multiple apps for your budget, recipes, and articles to read, you can keep them all in one place.

Track tasks

You can get a full view of what you need to do at once, so you do not miss anything.

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Start writing

Notion has been designed to help you focus while putting your thought or even writing a book.

Get better

Notion is flexible enough to help you achieve your goals however you want it.

Build websites

Notion helps you project whatever you want to make public with a single click.



Instead of putting different files in different apps, you can create a visual hierarchy with all your files sequentially for easy searching.


You can keep all your research documents and different conversations and correspondence with different experts in one single and simplified document to stay on top of all iterations and decisions.


You can design custom workflows for every project, execute the project, document the brainstorming or research method, and scale it up anytime.


You can move workflows and files without any manual labor.


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For certified 501(c)3 organizations, you can use all team features for $4 instead of $8 per member per month – this is 50% off the Team Plan.


  •   Build a wiki that is easy to create and delightful to use.
  •   Find every document you need, fast and easy
  •   Make information very accessible
  •   Keep communication strong.
  •   Flexible project management
  •   Customize your workflows for every team and goal.
  •   Make your pitch stand out


  •   Free for individual students & educators
  •   50% off for teams, clubs & classes
  •   Enterprise discounts for schools
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Remote Work

  •   Work together like you are in the same room
  •   Equip everyone with the same information
  •   Move projects forward without meetings


  •   One roadmap organizes the work for all teams
  •   Everyone knows where to find project info
  •   Create custom processes that work for you and your team
  •   Migrate without the hours of manual work
notion nocode website


  •   Efficient teams keep their information accessible
  •   Fewer emails, meetings, and pings to get up to speed on projects
  •   Customize your tools to fit your team
  •   Migrate without the hours of manual work


  •   A root node for every project
  •   Documentation that’s usable and discoverable
  •   Build any workflow to match your team’s style
  •   Migrate without the hours of manual work

How much Does Notion Cost?

Notion is one of the cheapest or least expensive no-code platforms. Perhaps that is the reason for its great review on G2.

notion nocode website

Although you have the opportunity of a free package or subscription, the paid subscriptions are very affordable.

Conclusion on this Notion review

Whatever you need to do or whatever task you want done without spending too much time on an individual task, Notion has made it possible for you to do it all in one place at a very affordable price.

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