Memberstack is a website-based membership integration. It matches your branding by smoothly integrating with your website design. Memberstack can be added to your tech stack in a matter of minutes.






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What is Memberstack?

Memberstack is website-based membership integration. It matches your branding by smoothly integrating with your website design.

Memberstack nocode membership website

Members only website, dashboards, web apps, and intranets are all possible. You can make money from your website by offering paid memberships and different levels of membership.

Memberstack nocode membership website

Memberstack gives you the opportunity of archiving works on your project for more than one or two months. There is an automatic provision for ensuring compliance, providing security, and updating API.

What are the features of Memberstack?


Memberstack offers “Plug-&-Play” user authentication.

With conventional app creation, it takes days to authenticate apps but with Memberstack, you only need minutes. Client and server sides operate creatively and disruptively with the rate of scaling adding up to millions. The rate of scaling is endless.

Memberstack nocode membership website


The platform offers optimized payment as you can easily connect to your stripe account and subsequently charge your members for subscriptions.

It helps you run promotions, increase sales, give your newest or most loyal members discounts, and use a single API for both payments and authentication.

Memberstack nocode membership website

UI Components

There are template designs that suit almost every need due to the aesthetic, fast and personalised User Interface (UI) with the option of creating designs from scratch.

Users can incorporate mobile friendly UI components with a basic coding knowledge. 

Members are given quick access to personal information, invoice records, and current membership strength for accurate account management.

Memberstack nocode membership website

User management

From a single interface, you can handle verification and subscriptions.  It provides users with the tools to keep your business running flawlessly. With the necessary analytics, users can improve the understanding of business operations. 

Users have the freedom to design personalised segments based on their proposals and privileges.


Connect your favorite tools to Memberstack. Your information is your information.

You can export your data easily, connect it with other services, and turn any difficult tasks into automated tasks.

Memberstack nocode membership website

Developer tools

Memberstack provides the necessary tools to help you delegate non-essential tasks while focusing on essential tasks. With this, you can easily manage your users and business through integration from admin API.

Memberstack nocode membership website


The APIs, packages and dashboard are embedded with best of security.

In partnership with Stripe, Memberstack handles all payment processing with 100% data privacy.

Memberstack nocode membership website

How does Memberstack work?

Three easy steps:

  •     To your website, install a sample of JavaScript code.
  •     Set up your website’s membership levels, price, and permissions
  •     A simple dashboard allows you to manage your members.

How much does Memberstack cost?

The platform offers amazing deals to users starting from prices as low as $25. It is also free to test, and payment is only required when you go live. No credit card payment is required.

Memberstack nocode membership website

The three pricing plans are:


It is designed to assist you in quickly testing, validating, and launching new ideas. It costs $25/month/site. It also charges a 3% transaction fee plus stripe fees. Other features include:

  •     Unlimited membership plans
  •     10,000 total members
  •     Zapier Integration
  •     Unlimited Collaborators
  •     Removed Branding.


It is designed for small enterprises that make less than $15,000 per month. It costs $49/month/site. It charges 1% transaction fees plus Stripe fees. Other features of the scale plan include:

  •     Unlimited membership plans
  •     20,000 total members
  •     Zapier Integration
  •     Unlimited Collaborators
  •     Removed Branding


Large firms producing more than $15,000 per month can have a bespoke plan. To purchase this plan, you need to contact the sales department. It also charges custom transaction fees plus stripe fees. Also featured in this plan is:

  •     Unlimited membership plans
  •     Unlimited total members
  •     Zapier Integration
  •     Unlimited Collaborators
  •     Removed Branding

Conclusion on this Memberstack Review

Memberstack is particularly useful for:

  •         Content creators that want complete control over their website’s appearance.
  •         Creators that want to get their product to market as soon as possible.
  •         Marketers who seek to customize user interactions.
  •         Clients who need to be invited to projects by agencies and freelancers.

This means Memberstack is useful for you.

Why not give it a try?

Testing is 100% free!

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