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MemberSpace is designed for clients who want to sell memberships and digital content. Clients still have 100% control over the design and experience of their website.






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What is MemberSpace?

MemberSpace is a no-code platform that helps clients convert part of their personal or commercial websites into members-only.

Many clients have been sharing their testimonies regarding how their revenue increases by deploying MemberSpace in transforming their websites.

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The MemberSpace’s team is solely dedicated to providing supporting features and services to customers who want to sell membership and digital content on their websites.

Why MemberSpace?

The platform was established with the idea that anyone could create and run a membership site without having technical skills.

Non-technical clients can now design, launch and grow a membership business on their websites without any external technical expertise. 

The platform has many promises for any individual or business that subscribes to their plans:

Revenue Growth: 

It has provided a no-limit membership feature.

Clients can have as many free or paid members as possible.

There is also a no-limit payment of subscription plans and members are given the freedom to change into any plan or package at any time.

Flexible Plans and Billing

It gives their clients the freedom to choose when their members gain or lose access to clients.

The clients have control over everything.

Ease of use and Customisation

It can be used on phones, tablets and PCs. Clients’ members have a very high degree of freedom to choose any appearance.

Clients can also use the platform features on any part of their websites.

Seamless Integration

It has integrated other supporting platforms to provide comfort and effortless operation.

memberspace integration nocode

These platforms are Stripe for payment features, Zapier for third-party connections, Muut for community engagement, Rewardful for any affiliate programs and more.

Content Security and Compliance

It provides full security, analytics and feedback, unlimited protection and the creation of customised invoices.

CMS Options

Most CMS have limitations and are very difficult to change when choosing a particular one to work with.

With MemberSpace, clients have myriad options to choose from, and transition from one CMS to another has never been easier at no cost.

How MemberSpace works

The idea is simple. If you lock access to a part of your website that you need people to pay for, it will create a kind of curiosity and suspense in your prospective clients.

Individuals or companies that create courses in texts and audiovisual formats are among the top beneficiaries of MemberSpace features.

As said earlier, the platform is designed specifically for clients interested in, or planning to sell membership and digital content.

It can be used with almost any website. Some of these websites are shown in the picture below:

By using MemberSpace, clients still have 100% control over the design and experience.

Many of MemberSpace clients have websites for selling:

  •   Membership
  •   Courses
  •   Content Libraries
  •   Communities Participation
  •   eBooks
  •   Newsletters
  •   Private Podcasts 


And more . . .

How much does MemberSpace cost?

For any pricing option clients choose, the platform has provided a 14-Day Trial where an extension can also be given by request provided there is no membership after the first trial.

For clients with multiple accounts, each additional website costs $20/month, however, the websites can be added and removed at will.

The transaction fee also reduces as a client upgrades their subscription plan.

memberspace price

Interestingly, it has made the migration of membership from other platforms free.

This is done to ease the process of transition and as a means of encouraging prospective clients.

Conclusion on this Memberspace review

MemberSpace is one of the disruptive SaaS platforms that have boycotted hiring highly paid technical experts.

Whether you have a learning platform or an eCommerce platform, it has carved a remarkable niche in the SaaS industry.

It has focused on providing one of the greatest customer support in the most comfortable and productive way.

MemberSpace gives clients total control, which many traditional supporting platforms cannot, with a deep concern for new businesses.

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Soon or later CODER and NOCODER have to join their force together…

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MemberSpace is designed for clients who want to sell memberships and digital content. Clients still have 100% control over the design and experience of their website.

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