Levity is an intuitive no-code platform that helps you create AI systems for executing repetitive tasks. Levity helps you with content moderation, social listening and insurance claims processing without coding.






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What is Levity?

Levity is one of the most innovative no-code platforms. It is a workflow automation platform that helps you create an AI system for doing daily repetitive tasks with documents, images, or text on behalf of your team.

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This tool helps your team move to the next level of productivity and growth. It helps you create an unstructured automation workflow of tasks that have not been automated.

With this platform, you can create an AI that helps you with cumbersome activities. The AI is powerful and intuitive, yet it is simple enough for anyone to use without any knowledge of coding.

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Below are the some of the tasks Levity can help you with:

  •   Ads media analysis
  •   Content moderation
  •   Product HS Codes
  •   Check documents for completeness
  •   Categorize service requests
  •   Get customer insights at scale
  •   Categorize Instagram photos
  •   Social listening
  •   Visual quality inspection
  •   Insurance claims processing

Why Levity?

Among other things, Levity is consistently working on these three considerations below:

  •   Great UX with few possible touch points with AI technicalities and guided experience
  •   With no code, it lowers the technical barriers to using AI
  •   There are lots of pre-built integrations users as part of their existing workflow
levity nocode website

Presently, Levity has been able to address the mitigating factors against the use of AI in workflow automation:

Data scientists and engineers are expensive

Cost should not be a limitation against powering or fortifying any process or system with AI.

It has been deliberately made to cost way less than a regular AI platform.

This gives users unlimited freedom to work with powerful technologies without having to look for AI experts.

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Projects take months to complete

If you have the right team members, any AI project gets done faster than the conventional means.

Creating and deploying AI with Levity, fast iterations becomes a normal thing. Your need for being dynamic is being taken care of by the intuitive AI.

The platform provides you with a self-paced and self-coordinated experience for users without adding any engineer to your team.

You can control the whole process yourself until you master it.

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The AI has not been fully utilized

Most people get stuck while incorporating AI into their workflows initially because they do not understand the technology.

If more people knew the inner workings of AI and how it can be applied to their processes, the world would be a better place.

We want to practice manual and time-consuming tasks as playful, creative, and intuitive as possible.

Levity helps users get used to the idea of teaching a typical workflow to an AI who then takes over after it has mastered the workflow process.

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How Does Levity Work?

It is an intuitive platform that addresses your automation needs permanently and completely:

Define your workflow by choosing your data source, AI Block and define the actions you need to take.

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Upload your training data by feeding your initial data through your drag and drop features.

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Allow your AI to improve itself by learning from the given data and asking for more data when unsure

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You do not need any existing data to start with the AI system. You can create your initial sets of data as you start building the AI you need.

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Do not worry about the quantity and complexity of data.

How Much Does Levity Cost?

There is no free plan because training a customized AI model is very costly. Therefore, this platform is for users who are interested in getting the desired value of using the platform. However, the consultation is free, and you can contact them to know how they can be of assistance to you.

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Although Levity adapts to your needs, the pricing is based on some AI predictions and workflow steps you make per month. The least is at $100/month.

Conclusion to this Levity Review

Like most no-code automation platforms, Levity helps you automate workflow processes. More than just automation, it helps you process unstructured data with the use of AI.

levity nocode website

If you want to ride the next wave of automation powered by deep learning without knowing how to write a single line of code, opt for Levity.

If you want to scale up your business from being just a startup to an enterprise through advanced AI technology, Levity is the platform to choose.

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