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Landbot is a nocode chatbot platform designed for marketing and customer engagement. It makes sure that anyone in need of a chatbot does not need any technical background to build one.








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What is Landbot?

Landbot nocode chatbot builder conversational marketing

Landbot was founded in Spain in 2015 to develop an intelligent and interactive platform that gives users the necessary tools to build and manage interactive chatbots that engage clients through an automated and predictive conversation on websites and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp in real-time.

This is a no-code platform designed specifically for marketing and customer engagement.

Why Landbot?

You may not have the luxury of time to engage in customers’ complaints or special requests and money to hire software developers.

It helps you create conversational chatbots that allow you to automate the FAQs of your business in a conversational structure without needing any expertise in coding or software development.

Landbot nocode chatbot builder conversational marketing

This nocode platform has created apps poised to revolutionize chatbot designs with the evolution of more engaging and productive chatbots.

With it, there are mainly three types of conversational chatbots:


Decision-making chatbots base their responses on a set of established answers or rules without using AI algorithms.

Landbot nocode chatbot builder conversational marketing

They are not designed to engage customers in random or flexible conversations because they are only designed to respond to specific complaints or requests. They are simple but not flexible.

NLP chatbots

NLP chatbots are chatbots that have AI algorithms embedded in their systems. They are designed to incorporate Natural Language Processing systems that make them engage in intelligent conversations with customers.

Landbot nocode chatbot builder conversational marketing

These chatbots are intelligent because they update themselves based on the nature of each conversation they have with each customer.

Unlike the decision-making chatbots, they “learn” from their mistakes and engage in real and helpful conversations.

App conversational

This is more expressive than the rest because it uses a combination of interactive elements like buttons, pictures and graphics, videos, file attachments etc.

The conversation is either text or voice, and this makes it more engaging and enriching. With these elements, the user is more involved because the conversation is interactive and more personalized.

Landbot nocode chatbot builder conversational marketing

How does Landbot work?

Landbot makes sure anyone in need of a conversational app or chatbot does not need any requirement apart from building one.

It has made the process of building a conversational app through its no-code, visual development.

There are templates or elements created directly by Landbot experts to provide you with options according to your needs

Landbot nocode chatbot builder conversational marketing

With it, you can:

  • Start from the beginning with an empty canvas
  • Use the existing elements preassembled by Landbot
  • Edit an existing template to your taste


Also, you can find ready-made templates for:

  • Contact Generation
  • Customer Service
  • Questionnaires and Quizzes
  • Product Description
  • Human Resources Management
  • Recruitment 
Landbot nocode chatbot builder conversational marketing

If you have the content of the conversations, the texts, images, documents, videos, etc., you are good to go.

After logging into your account and accessing the template library by clicking “templates” at the top, choose the right template, and start editing it to suit your needs.

Landbot pricing

Landbot is SaaS (Software as a Service)

You can subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription.

Before you get started, you can experiment by registering for a “Sandbox” account. It is free for creating your first chatbot with the following basic features:

  • 100 monthly conversations
  • Zapier, Slack and Sendgrid Integration
  • Simple Design Customizations
  • Email Support.
Landbot nocode chatbot builder conversational marketing

If you need more freedom of choice and flexibility, you may need to switch to the “Starter” package for the rate of € 30 and the “Professional” package at the rate of € 80.

Only those who subscribed to a Professional package have a Whatsapp Business package. If you need a Whatsapp package, you would have to pay a little bit extra.

Conclusion on this Landbot review

Landbot is presently the best no-code chatbot development platform.  

It is very easy to use, and the pricing is reasonable for the value promised.

Landbot nocode chatbot builder conversational marketing

With ready-made templates and tutorials, and practical examples, it makes the task of chatbot development a piece of cake.

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