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Integromat is a drag-and-drop tool that helps you connect multiple apps to create automations for a complex task. It is a productivity tool for visualising, designing and automating your working process.






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What is Integromat?

Integromat is a  drag-and-drop tool that helps you connect apps and create automations for your workflows through a visual no-code builder.

It keeps you connected to the apps you need for workflow automation in a few clicks without needing any code.

integromat nocode automation tool

In summary,  It helps you visualise, design and automate your business operations in a matter of minutes.

Creating an automation helps to do the dirty work while you focus on the components that need actual human intelligence.

The kind of freedom, flexibility and free time that Integromats brings is worth a try. Integromat finds optimum productivity in the following areas:

Nocode automation sales platform

Integromat aids in the automation of the sales processes, through invoicing to a smooth transition to Customer Success.

It also populates your CRM with up-to-date requests and leads data.

This platform can manage full desk work while generating quotes and authorisations.

Nocode marketing automation

Information about leads and requests is safely kept up to date for your marketing automations with the assistance of automated generated reports and complex data management.

With this platform you can group personalised outbound communication or messages to your customers all at once.

Finance & Accounting

It helps you process and distribute information through multiple communication channels, set up distributors and improve workflow efficiency and approvals while handling data collection.

integromat nocode automation tool

Customer Service

You can connect with Integromat’s Customer Support applications to solve any problem that arises.

You can also request extra features as soon as you need them.

The communication is impeccable and it is done through multiple efficient channels and tools.

Human Resource

It would be best to automate employee data from onboarding to offboarding within your organisation by disseminating information to employees and the performance grading system.

Why Integromat?

Integromat is arguably the best user-friendly automation platform.

There is little time difference in the execution or design of simple and complex workflows.

These are some of the reasons you should choose this platform:

Citizen Developments: Your team can build in minutes instead of months and you do not need any external developers.

integromat nocode automation tool

Effectiveness: It helps the enterprise grow faster with better results.

integromat nocode automation tool

Detailed information: You are never kept in the dark about how things work.

integromat nocode automation tool

Retains Originality:  Integromat doesn’t change the function of any integrated app.

integromat nocode automation tool

Start Anywhere: You can start your work from any point of convenience, either by sourcing old data or activating a new one.

integromat nocode automation tool

Duplicate: You can easily duplicate data, especially if you want to perform more than one analysis or operation on a single piece of data.

integromat nocode automation tool

Error handlers: There are already provisions for unanticipated errors beyond the scope of the users and there are commands that can help in finding and correcting errors.

 integromat nocode automation tool

Connect Anything: Whatever apps you need to create seamless automation, Integromat at your service.

integromat nocode automation tool

How Does Integromat work?

Integromat works by connecting all the apps and services you need to successfully create your workflow, automate and make it run seamlessly without human intervention until the work is done.

With this platform, you need to create a scenario that will inform all the apps and solutions that need to function together to produce the desired result.

According to the platform website, you need a four-step process to create a scenario as mentioned below:

Step 1: Choose your apps

Starting from the Dashboard, click the “Create a new scenario button” and choose the apps or services you would like to use.

integromat nocode automation tool

Step 2: Build your scenario

Choose the data your scenario should watch for. 

You are going to choose a trigger that starts your scenario.

integromat nocode automation tool

Step 3: Test your scenario

It’s always a good idea to test your automation by clicking the play button before activating it.

integromat nocode automation tool

Step 4: Activate your scenario

Exit the workflow editor. 

Once your scenario is activated, it runs according to its schedule.

integromat nocode automation tool

How much does Integromat Cost?

You can start using this platform without opting for a paid plan. 

They have a free plan you can use as long as you want until you choose a paid plan according to your needs.

integromat nocode automation tool

Conclusion with this Integromat review

Integromat is one of the preferable solutions as regards workflow automation

It gives you a high degree of freedom for visualising, designing and automating your working process.

integromat nocode automation tool

Like many other no-code platforms, it provides you with the drag-and-drop editor to build simple and complex workflows in minutes without needing any external expertise.

codernocoder no-code low-code developer platform coders nocoders
Soon or later CODER and NOCODER have to join their force together…

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