Glide is no-code software for building and sharing apps easily and in a short time. It builds apps from your current data sources such as Excel and Google Sheets.






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What is Glide?

Glide is no-code software that can be used to build and share apps easily and in a short time.

Glide nocode app builder

Glide is designed to make everything simple and exciting, from building your app to distributing it.

It has been so well structured and designed that you can create a free app for your business in five minutes without writing any code.

What is unique about Glide?

There is no need for a code

The platform builds apps using current data from data sources (such as Excel and Google Sheets) and hence does not require any knowledge or prior coding.

You can get started for free

With Glide, not only is the pricing reasonable, but you can also get your app built for free and then, if necessary, select the payment plan that suits your needs based on the intricacy of your business.

Glide nocode app builder

Saves Time

Time is money. Glide assures that you save time by allowing you to construct your app in just five minutes, saving you both time and money. What a win-win situation!

How Glide works

It is based on three easy steps.

Glide nocode app builder

Power your design with existing data

Most of your app is built around data you already have, whether in a Google Sheet, an Excel file, or other sources.

Create a design that is dynamic by incorporating current data.

Glide nocode app builder

Make your app unique

Customize your app to fit your company’s needs.

Choose how your data is shown, then experiment with other styles and layouts.

Update and share

Updating your app is as simple as changing a document—changes are immediately visible to your users.

Easily, you also get to publish your app and share the link.

What other features does Glide have?

There are many templates provided, each tailored to the specific needs of the app being developed.

With over two hundred themes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect design to make your app engaging, informative, and simple to use.

Glide nocode app builder

The templates are divided into eight categories:

Remote work: Aids easy coordination of distributed teams. Perfect for remote and “work from home” jobs.

HR and Operations: Easily run your business by designing an app using the HR and operations template.

Sales & Customers: Gain more business and create a customer-friendly interface with the template provided.

Finance: Keep a close eye on your money using our finance template

Planning: Keep a perfect organizational system running and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Health: Take charge of user’s health and wellbeing

Glide nocode app builder

Education: Empower teachers, students, and more

Apps for Work: Save time out with our ready-made work apps

Glide nocode app builder

How much does Glide cost?

A variety of payment options are available that will fit your budget while still providing the best experience.

Personal App

The personal app package is Free, and it offers up to 500 data rows. Other features include:

  •         Mobile layout

  •         500 data rows

  •         1,000 sheet updates

  •         Public sign-in

  •         10% transaction fee

  •         Glide branding

  •         100MB file storage

  • domain

  •         10 pins per map

  •         10 signatures

  •         100 Zapier actions

  •         Community support

Glide nocode app builder

Pro App

The pro app costs $32 per month. It is the most popular package purchased in Glide. Its features include:

  •         Mobile, tablet & web layouts

  •         25,000 data rows

  •         Unlimited sheet updates

  •         Public sign-in

  •         2% transaction fee

  •         No Glide branding

  •         10GB file storage

  •         Custom domain

  •         Google Analytics

  •         Upload files up to 1GB

  •         Background sheet reloads

  •         1,000 pins per map

  •         Unlimited signatures

  •         Unlimited Zapier actions

  •         Google Workspace Drives

Private App

The private app package costs $40 +$2 per extra user per month. Featured in the package are:

  •         Everything in Pro

  •         20 private users included

  •         Private sign-in

  •         Limit access by email

  •         Role-based security

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps package provides unlimited use at scale. It is provided on demand.

You can get the package by contacting the Glide team directly. The enterprise apps package includes the following features:

  •   Everything in Pro & Private

  •   Unlimited apps

  •   Priority support

  •   Dedicated account manager

  •   Security Audit compliance

  •   Custom services agreement

  •   Enterprise-grade scalability

  •   MySQL data source available

Conclusion on this Glide Review

In today’s world, applications have been incorporated to facilitate client interactions, gather feedback, and provide general ease in business operations.

Glide nocode app builder

Glide steps in, assisting you in creating the app of your choice with no coding knowledge required. All you need is data sync and five minutes to work your magic!

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