DronaHQ is an advanced solution that allows you to create attractive, mobile-responsive internal tools and applications on top of databases or APIs with little to no coding knowledge.






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What is DronaHQ?

DronaHQ helps build custom mobile and web business apps with a Low-code app development platform that offers wealthy UI Builder, Visual Controls, Rule Engine, Built-in database, Workflow & Automation builder, connectors, one-click deployment, multi-channel apps, enterprise-grade security, analytics.

DronaHQ app builder

Many companies use DronaHQ to build internal tools that drive faster operations and better business outcomes.

DronaHQ allows companies to build custom apps, dashboards, admin panels, portals, and other internal tools, without requiring a steep learning curve for developers.

DronaHQ is a software development platform. It helps you create and deploy software faster by allowing you to build forms, workflows, automation, dashboards, dynamic forms, centralize and organize data, and build insights and reports.

How does Drona HQ work?

DronaHQ Studio is a no-code platform that allows non-programmers to create web-based apps using its visual development interface.

It comes with different functionalities like Micro apps, automation, and spreadsheets. When you log in to Studio, you can see a default home page.

DronaHQ app builder

That home page contains the apps that are pre-made for you to use to create customer-oriented tasks. The apps essentially run anywhere.

Creating a Micro app

After login, you can see an account dashboard on the administration panel. All apps created by your account are listed. You can Add, Edit, or Delete these micro apps here. To create a new app, click the ‘+.’ 

With this, you can either use the existing app and modify it as required or modify the ready-made app.

Creating a brand new app from scratch

To create a new app on your own, a popup will appear for you to enter a name and a description.

You will be asked to choose an icon from the available list or let you upload one of your own. Once you have the details of the app, you click ‘Add App.’

With this app builder, you can build forms, workflow screens, and validation rules, then connect them to your customer relationship management (CRM).

App Showcases– Templates

The App Showcase Templates help you quickly develop apps while providing ready functionality. So you can get the app ready for the market quickly.

DronaHQ app builder

Under Studio Console, Applications > Templates allows you to find the various “Apps.” The various apps are simple extensions that provide small but beneficial functions. For instance, you could easily find an app that provides a “Risk Assessment” template.

Other app operations

Once you have created your app, you can view some more settings for your app.

If you need to change the details, status, permissions or delete an app, click on more options for any apps.

Edit Details

DronaHQ app builder

The description and details section allows you to edit the app description and details.

Change Status to Live

If you need to switch an app’s status between Draft and Live, you can use this section.

Set Permission

This feature lets you toggle between creator, publisher, and ‘no access’ for different users. Those settings will be available to the owner of the app.


This feature lets you delete your app.

Publishing Your App

When you’re ready to publish, click the Publishing tab and then the Publish button. Choose between Organizational and Public release and add a relevant Release Note before you click Publish.

DronaHQ app builder

When you feel confident to distribute your app, you can publish it. After publishing, anyone can download it from the Android Playstore or Apple Appstore or even use it from the web browser.

How much does Dronahq cost?

Dronahq has three Pricing plans.

DronaHQ app builder

Starter Plan

The starter plan is $100 a month, billed annually. It includes 25,000 tasks a month and allows you access to 10 published apps with 20 GB storage. The starter plan comes with two makers/admins, five connectors, and 5000 records.

Business Plan

The business plan is $100 per month and is billed annually. You get 125,000 Tasks per month, and you are allowed access to 20 Published Apps with 40 GB of Storage. The Starter plan comes with 10 Makers/Admins, 25 Connectors, and 25000 Records.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is custom priced. You get unlimited apps. The Starter plan comes with unlimited Makers/Admins, Cloud Deployment option, and Unlimited connectors. You also get access to OnPrem and Private.

Conclusion on this DronaHQ Review

With options to transform your data by writing a simple JavaScript code, DronaHQ is a potent no-code internal tool and app builder on top of databases and APIs.

Drona HQ app builder

It has SSO, permissions, environments, and security built-in. DronaHQ lets you create a seamless, no-code internal tool or app according to your needs and requirements.

 DronaHQ is an excellent tool if you need to create applications for your business. It makes it easy to create custom tools without having to write code yourself.

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