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What is Carrd?

Carrd is a free service that allows you to create fully responsive one-page websites for almost any purpose.

It is an online service that helps you build websites for free, ranging from personal profiles to something more elaborate.

carrd nocode website builder

Why Carrd?

Simple to use

With Carrd, you can begin with one of the dozens of templates (or a blank canvas) and customize it to suit your needs.


Carrd website designs look great on all screen sizes, from phones to tablets to desktop computers, right out of the box.


You can create up to three sites per account and take advantage of all of Carrd’s core features at no charge at all.

carrd nocode website builder

How does Carrd work?

To get started, you are directed to choose a starting point. A wide range of templates is provided to increase your options.

The templates are categorized to aid easy navigation through the site.

The categories are Profile, Landing, Form, Portfolio, Sectioned. Each category comes with a description, so you know what to expect.

The Sectioned category is unique because it is a one-page template that can simulate multiple pages by utilizing section breaks.

Although templates are provided, there is an option of a blank page to start fresh.

carrd nocode website builder

After choosing a template, you get some helpful instructions that indicate different buttons and what they are used for.

You can then edit and customize the website to your taste and to suit your needs.

Editing existing pieces or creating your own is the most straightforward way to get started.

Carrd has many features, like Text, Images, Timers, and Icons, to name a few. Do not worry about making mistakes because undo and redo buttons will easily correct them.

carrd nocode website builder

You can switch to mobile view with a single press and begin reading, interacting, and scrolling right away.

It’s simple to adjust the appearance of that element specifically for mobile users from here, and you can even adjust that element’s appearance manually, specifically for mobile users if you want.

It’s time to get your webpage published after you’ve fine-tuned it to your liking. You’ll need to create an account (if you haven’t already).To manage the site once it’s up and running,

Choose a title, a description, and a URL name that you believe is appropriate for your project.

If they haven’t already been taken, the website should take a few moments to load before the rest of the world can see your latest invention.

How much does Carrd cost?

Although getting started on Carrd is free, you can choose to go Pro. At very reasonable prices, you can enjoy some pro features. The options are:

carrd nocode website builder


This is the most basic Pro plan. It delivers some great upgrades over the free Basic experience while remaining relatively reasonable at $9 per year.

This is generally a good fit for customers that don’t use custom domains or the more business-oriented features of Pro (such as forms and widgets). The following is a list of its features:

  •         Create and publish up to three sites from a single account
  •         Publish sites with exclusive control
  •         Publish sites without branding.
  •         Publish sites with pictures and backgrounds with higher resolution.
  •         Upload and use JPGs/GIFs up to 16MB and videos up to 32MB.
  •         Create sites with an infinite number of elements
  •         Get premium starting point templates that are only available to Pro users.
  •         Create and use your custom templates.
  •         Upload and embed your videos throughout your website (or as its background).
  •         Make fully animated slideshows that can be used as backgrounds or stand-alone visual elements.
  •         Show custom icons in the address bar whenever your site is being visited.
  •         Show custom icons when sharing your sites on social media.
  •         Site ownership transfer to other Carrd users.
  •         You can share your access to other Carrd subscribers.

Pro Standard

This is the mid-tier and the most popular plan at $19/year.

Customizing your sites with custom domains to businesses collecting email addresses and customer feedback.

It contains all the features of pro lite and some other features which include:

  •         Build and publish up to 10 sites
  •         Include functional contact forms and signup forms to your sites. E.g. MailChimp, Revue, ConvertKit, MailerLite
  •         Third-party widgets embedding from different payment social media platforms
  •         Directly embed your code (including script tags) as well as external content.
  •         Google Analytics and traffic tracking ID for each site
  •         Include custom meta tags to each of your sites.
carrd nocode website builder

Pro plus

This is a top-tier pro plan. This plan, which costs $49 per year, is designed for power users, as it includes the features of Pro Standard and more powerful, developer-friendly features such as customs forms. It contains all the features of pro-standard including:

  •         You can build and publish up to 25 sites from an account.
  •         Preservation of your existing links by redirecting them to external URLs.
  •         Add password protection.
  •         Set the update frequency rate for improving performance.
  •         Modify advanced element settings like attributes, custom styles, and JS events.

Conclusion on this carrd review

Carrd makes it simple to create an online portfolio or profile or internet presence, which is a terrific method to find a job or show off your skills.

carrd nocode website builder
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