Budibase is a low-code open-source platform that makes it simple to create internal solutions by getting access to an internal database and powerful REST API connector with self-hosting options.






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What is Budibase?

Budibase is a no-code/low-code platform designed to assist developers and decision-makers in quickly developing solid enterprise apps.

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It makes it simple to create internal solutions that empower teams and boost productivity.

Budibase offers everything needed to create internal tools together in one place, combining the greatest development experience with an obsession with speed, performance, and user experience.

Why Budibase?

Free and open-source

Budibase apps can be self-hosted on your infrastructure because it is open source.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile

The applications work flawlessly on all devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

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Internal database

An internal database is available to use to create internal tools quickly.

Public and private apps

Budibase makes it easy to create public and private applications or both and efficiently.

With developer-friendly internal tools, a superb responsive web design, and accessibility, you can create and ship Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Data from external databases can be connected to or imported (MongoDB, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Airtable, Google Sheets, S3, DyanmoDB, or a REST API). Budibase GUI also allows you to work with data.

You can use the Budibase Cloud to deploy your app or self-host it using Docker or Digital Ocean.

What can Budibase be used for?

This is a platform designed to make work easier and enhance productivity. Organizations and corporations utilize it in:

  •         Consultancy
  •         Logistics and transportation
  •         Retail and marketplaces
  •         Education
  •         Finance
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How does Budibase work?

To get started on Budibase, take the following steps-

Connecting to the data source, or start afresh

Connect to an external database, get data via a Rest API, import a CSV, or use the built-in database to get started. You get access to:

  •         Internal database
  •         First-class SQL support
  •         Powerful Rest API connector
  •         Granular access control
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Design beautiful internal tools that work for all devices

With pixel-perfect blocks and a best-in-class experience, creating attractive, user-friendly apps has never been easier. The design features include:

  •         Apps work on mobile, tablet, desktop
  •         A pixel-perfect table, charts, forms, etc.
  •         Public and private pages
  •         Enrich your apps with JavaScript
  •         Best-in-class multi-step form builder
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Automate manual processes or operations with few clicks

Automate manual operations and replace unproductive functions in your business with only a few clicks. There are a variety of automation functions which include:

  •         20+ triggers and actions
  •         Add Bash scripts and JavaScript
  •         Test automation
  •         Run automation based on time
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Scale with confidence

It is easy to manage and scale across your organization because of the following capabilities:

  •         SSO
  •         Email onboarding
  •         Granular permissions (RBAC)
  •         Global user management

How much does Budibase cost?

You can enjoy a wide variety of features at no charge at all. There are three plans on offer offers:

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Cloud (Beta)

The first plan is the Cloud (Beta) plan which Budibase hosts. There is no payment charge as it is free. The features of Cloud include:

  •         4 applications
  •         1000 internal records per app
  •         Unlimited users
  •         1000 automation operations
  •         SSO + Role-based access control

Open Source

The second plan is the open-source plan which is self-hosted. It also does not have a service charge as it comes at no cost at all. It is free.

Featured in the open-source plan is everything in Cloud (beta) plan plus:

  •         Unlimited records
  •         Unlimited applications
  •         Unlimited users
  •         Unlimited automation operations
  •         Deploy via Kubernetes, Docker, and more


The final plan is the enterprise plan which is also self-hosted. Although it comes at a price, there is a guarantee of flexibility in its pricing.

Enterprise plan features everything in open source, including:

  •         Premium support and services / SLAs
  •         Dedicated account manager
  •         Dedicated onboarding
  •         Version history (coming 2022)
  •         Auditing (coming 2022)

Conclusion on this Budibase Review

Budibase includes all necessary components to link to various data sources, views, forms, and tables, making collaboration and creating easier.

Not only does it make creation easier, but it is also absolutely FREE!

budibase nocode website

Budibase is ideal for a fast-paced, dynamic corporate environment that frequently requires fresh solutions. It makes it easier to turn ideas into apps and get them out quickly.

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