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Bubble is a nocode platform used to build web apps without coding by creating engaging, multi-user apps for mobile and desktop web browsers equivalent to Facebook or Zendesk.




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What is Bubble?

Bubble is among many nocode platforms that help you build web apps without coding.

It was designed in response to the fact that normal building and coding of web applications is expensive and time consuming.

When it comes to creating digital products faster and better, Bubble is designed to help yo do just that.

Bubble nocode web app builder

This nocode platform is empowering Citizen Developers to build fully functional software and web applications without writing code.

It delivers value based on the demand of users.

Templates | Build with ready-made web apps and amazing templates created by the Bubble’s community developers

Plugins | Extend Bubble’s functionality with new elements, actions, and API connections

Agencies | Purchase services from our vibrant ecosystem of consultancies and agencies

Bubble nocode web app builder

With it, you can:

Prototype | showcase your idea before making any investment.

Launch | start creating user website platforms and internal tools in minutes instead of months.

Iterate | make it possible for someone else on your team to make adjustments, not only developers.

Scale | you can increase your customer base and grow without worrying about infrastructure.

Why use Bubble?


This platform makes it possible to create engaging, multi-user apps for mobile and desktop web browsers, with all of the features required to create a site equivalent to Facebook or Zendesk.

Bubble nocode web app builder

With the effortless, highly customisable platform, users can create concepts and organise a database.


It provides complete design flexibility without any need for HTML or CSS coding.

Bubble nocode web app builder

You can make layouts compatible with your phones and create dynamic content for an elegant package you would be proud to showcase to your investors, prospective and existing customers.

Scalable infrastructure

Conventional website-based applications need you to check on your codes from time to time. 

You would also need to configure a deployment process to a web server.

Bubble nocode web app builder

All these have been taken care of by Bubble.

The deployment and hosting are no more a problem for you.

There have been no difficult restrictions on the number of clients, the traffic volume, or the quantity of stored data.

How Does Bubble Work?

It provides you with the editable templates that allow you to do the following:

Drag and Drop

Generate sensor designs and insert images, icons, videos, maps and also other components to develop applications that look gorgeous as mobile websites.

Bubble nocode web app builder

Customise UX

With Bubble’s dynamic components and a library full of visual elements, you can build responsive display templates your users can navigate click by click.

Bubble nocode web app builder

You can build news feeds, chats, inboxes and other interactive buttons.

Manage Data

Bubble nocode web app builder

Users can develop, lookup and export data structures in the scalable, secure data store. Users can also create online accounts and enable login details.

There is a pre-designed management system with every Bubble app.


With Bubble’s plugin marketplace, you can find solutions to your business problem or create your plugin for the no-code community.

Dynamic Content

Show users’ content or information from third-party service providers such as Stripe, Google and Facebook.

You can change the background, font, colour or visibility of anything on your page based on information from your application.


This nocode platform allows you to keep dozens of collaborators working together and have real-time access to needed information.

You can also delegate authority to your team members to make necessary adjustments and provide feedback.

Multi-lingual Apps

You can translate the official language of your app to another language and automatically display the currency and website messages with no extra effort.

The platform supports more than 80 international languages.

Scale Applications

Scaling up is easier with Bubble. You have the opportunity to increase the size of your operation as you go.

This means you do not need to pay for more as your business grows.

Stay Secure and Private

All Bubble websites have free automatic SSL certificates, multi-factor authentication and secure payment infrastructure.

How Much Does Bubble Cost?

Bubble nocode web app builder

You can build your app for free initially and upgrade your account for access to premium features and email support as the need arises.

Bubble nocode web app builder

This makes it easy for you to start your projects however you can without any pressure of cost.

Conclusion with this Bubble review

This nocode platform is arguably the best platform for developing a website with an engaged customer base and great features.

It helps you integrate tools you are already using or intend to use.

With it, you do not need to worry about server maintenance, infrastructure security, or operations, and there are no strict limitations on the number of users, traffic volume and data storage.

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Sooner or later CODERs and NOCODERs have to join forces…

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Bubble is a nocode platform used to build web apps without coding by creating engaging, multi-user apps for mobile and desktop web browsers.

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