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What is Bildr?

Bildr is a platform that enables you to build visual web apps without code. With or without coding, Bildr enables developers to build web apps, start SaaS products, and create useful and beautiful software anywhere in the world.

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Who needs Bildr?

Startups/ Makers

Iterate faster and go to market with less personnel and resources. After that, scale up and keep iterating quickly. Add additional team members with less effort than coding.

Agencies and Freelancers

Provide a full range of services to your clients, all from within Bildr. It arose from an agency. Every client’s difficulty has been met before, and Bildr has the answers.

Small businesses

Build quickly, launch quickly, and iterate quickly. Don’t be concerned about infrastructure or expansion. Focus on your core business while Bildr takes care of the rest.


Boost the productivity of your teams by giving them more authority. Create compliant and secure business apps, automate processes, and replace obsolete systems.

What can you build with Bildr?

With an extendable toolbox and unrestricted design freedom, you can go beyond functional restrictions. With built-in infrastructure, you can launch apps faster.

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Internal Apps

To automate manual operations, create internal apps. Connect to legacy systems and extend them or replace them.


Create extensions that scrape data, show information, and push users to take action utilizing actions that interact with the active browser.

What tools are used in Bildr?

Design and styling

The style editor wraps style properties, states, and pseudo-states, selectors, and media queries into a user-friendly, visual interface without hiding or limiting what CSS can do.

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Any UX, unrestricted functionality

Actions have power. They’re written in JavaScript and wrapped in visual building blocks with simple inputs and outputs triggered by native web events.

Data + APIs

Use the built-in data collections, retrieve data from any API, and integrate it all.

As the infrastructure is enterprise-grade, you can grow to hundreds of collections, thousands of fields, and millions of data entries.

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Authentication and security

Every Bildr project has user authentication—sign up, sign in, use a magic link, forget your password—all it’s taken care of.

Do you require third-party authentication?

You can sign in using Twitter, Google, or Apple. When you use Bildr’s Data Collections with Bildr Auth, your data is entirely secure.

Features of Bildr

Infinite Canvas

As you work, keep everything in context by viewing all of your pages on the endless canvas. You can organize and layer them into separate workstations as needed.

Real-time collaboration

By combining design and development, you may save time and energy.

Updates are visible to collaborators in real-time, enabling real-time iteration and ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.

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Patterns, block, and page templates

You need to build something once, whether it’s styling and elements, a pattern, or a whole project with data.

Everything you make in this platform may be reused or shared across projects.

Live Preview

While designing and debugging, stay in the zone. Your modifications are updated in real-time across all devices without the need to refresh.

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The Bildr Preview is the live version of your project, so you can be sure you’re testing the same thing you’ll see in production.

How much does Bildr cost?

You can start creating for free and then host your SaaS starting from just $9/ month. The plans and prices are:


No payment at all. Get started. Its features include:

  •         2 projects
  •         Unlimited pages, routes, & flows
  •         Preview your fully functioning app
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The Launch plan costs $9/ month. You also get to publish to production. Other features include:

  •         2 projects
  •         Unlimited pages, routes, & flows
  •         Preview your fully functioning app
  •         Publish to custom domains


The plan costs $29/ month. On the Pro plan, you can grow and export your app. You also get:

  •         Unlimited projects
  •         Unlimited pages, routes, & flows
  •         Preview your fully functioning app
  •         Publish to custom domains
  •         Export HTML & CSS
  •         Export Chrome Extension


The enterprise plan includes custom plans and licenses. It starts at $25 thousand per year. It also features:

  •         Isolated hosting + multi-region support
  •         SLAs
  •         Premium support


The last plan on the list is the TEAMS AND AGENCIES plan which will be added soon. It would feature real-time collaboration and no hand-offs. It would also be programmed to feature:

  •         Team billing
  •         Studio permissions
  •         Shared templates and assets

Conclusion on this Bildr Review

Bildr is a platform that helps you build software anywhere in the world. It has also been programmed to solve your problems on the go while you successfully build your company.

bildr nocode website

Bildr is the best “employee” you can ever have as it is built to ensure your success in every step!

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