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Betty Blocks is arguably the first no-code platform to allow Citizen developers (professionals with little or no prior knowledge of software development) to build advanced enterprise-grade applications.




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What is Betty Blocks?

Betty Blocks is arguably the first no-code platform to build advanced enterprise-grade applications for all sectors, surprisingly easy, fast and fun. 

It is championing the idea of no-code innovation for every functioning industry and pioneering a hub for Citizen Developers

It believes that anyone can build any application they need by the end of 2023.

Betty Blocks' Citizen Development Platform

This platform is the leading organisation focused on tackling the continuous rise in demand for experienced and expert software developers.

Betty Blocks’ idea is to empower industry professionals by offering a platform to develop Software best suited for their operations’ specialty.

betty blocks app nocode

Citizen Developers are not experienced or skilled in software development. 

They are experts in their respective disciplines unrelated to software or applications development but have been empowered by Betty Blocks to design and develop their software without any technical difficulty.

It is championing the idea of a no-code, yet equally effective, approach to software and application development. 

It helps enterprises build websites, mobile and back-office applications as useful as what a software developer could build.

Why Use Betty Blocks Citizen Development


Transformation is guaranteed when citizen developers can respond to any digital and industrial change. 

It enables businesses to automate conveniently and upgrade applications at no cost.


Speed is guaranteed when citizen developers can easily provide solutions for any identified problem without any delay. 

This is the beauty of citizen development. It is like democratizing software development skills.

Business and IT Merger

betty blocks app nocodeBy combining business expertise with the necessary tools, the bridge between business and IT has been crossed. 


Very soon, there will be a permanent and sustainable merger between business and IT

Ideas will be supplied through business, while IT will oversee the operation and execution.

Value Upgrade

A value upgrade of any business application increases as the citizen developers gain knowledge and expertise in their respective industries. 

This means that Betty Blocks citizen development provides 100% adaptability as the developers gain more experience in their respective fields.


Most of the time the pace of innovation is slow because many businesses have limited software technology expertise. 

However, with the no-code or low-code tools available, business experts know the changes in their sectors and can used the right digital or technical tools to develop, test, explore and redevelop new solutions.

How Betty Blocks Works?

Betty Block’s platform is 100% in the cloud. 

betty blocks app nocode

It supports all sizes and complexity of business applications which enables businesses to function more productively while championing the union between business execution and digital innovation. 

The application development can be performed at a record speed when compared with low-code or full-code development.

Drag and Drop Method

Building with the platform is like working from scratch. 

Any organisation can build a database, website and mobile-based applications using drag and drop features. 

Everything has been predesigned to allow citizen developers the opportunity to create functioning workflows with preset blocks.  

Fast fun data

Data processing and management have never been more fun with the platform. 

From simple to complex models, any citizen developer with the right business acumen will have fun and enjoy a high degree of flexibility using Betty Blocks.

betty blocks nocode


Any citizen developer can transfer part(s) of his/her blocks needed for another developer’s work. 

This means development will be better and faster through block sharing leading to the growth of the citizen developers’ community.  

It may get to a point when a developer might not have to develop any blocks because many are readily available for use.

How Much Does Betty Blocks Cost?

The starting price of subscribing to the platform is around $1500.00/month, but you can find the custom choice by exploring the three available options. 

betty blocks nocode

Conclusion with this Betty Blocks review

The platform requires no downloads, no user or version updates and no plug-ins.

You only need your subscription and your internet. It is 100% cloud-based. 

It helps businesses build, iterate and expand solutions without increasing any overhead costs.

In summary, it helps businesses:

  •   Operate at a very high speed with accuracy
  •   Build complex apps faster than traditional coding
  •   Push business innovation and digital transformation to new heights
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Soon or later CODER and NOCODER have to join their force together…

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