Autocode is designed for instant and automatic connection of APIs with code, triggering endpoints from web requests. Easy-to-use automation creates an endpoint for anything from SaaS to HTML.






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What is Autocode?

Autocode is automation software designed for instant and automatic connection of APIs with code, triggering endpoints from web requests (HTTP) or SaaS events.

It is an online coding platform that provides users with easy-to-use tools for creative development and solutions to challenges without third-party expertise.

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It was built to simplify yet create a sophisticated automated workload for teams where integrations can be coded and shared just like individual apps.

Why is Autocode special?

The platform comprises five key components that allow 100% coding experience for non-professionals and professionals alike. The key components;

  1. The App Platform: the app platform provides a serverless cloud-hosting for any automation of your choice. It also enables auto-scaling methods.
  2. Online IDE:  The integrated development environment is built with an in-browser code editor with API autocomplete, codegen and more.
  3. The Standard Library: it’s a collection of SaaS and utility APIs that you can easily write to yourself.
  4. API Authentication Management: a secure API credential store and management system is provided to secure your automation.
  5. Command-Line and Local Tools:  These are tools for developers to integrate Autocode into their local environment and version control.
autocode lowcode app builder

How Autocode works

It consists of some key cooperative systems;

Identity Token Manager

Token management is a protocol that allows users to verify their identity and receive a unique access token in return. The identity token manager validates the client’s permission to execute.

autocode lowcode app builder

API and App Registry

The API and App registry is designed to validate package content, save API/App information to the standard library, and prepare and start serverless hosting.

  •   Serverless Hosting
  •   API Execution Gateway: The execution gateway dispatches serverless hosting instances.
  •   Events Gateway

Once validated, the events gateway sees which app needs to be dispatched and sends it to the API gateway. With these systems, Autocode operates serverless hosting and request routing.

Who needs Autocode?

Creative developers at all skill levels:

From beginners to professionals, Autocode is designed to accommodate development while establishing perfection that professionals may require.

It’s easy to use automation that creates an instant endpoint for anything from SaaS to HTML.

autocode lowcode app builder

Fast-moving product teams

Autocode is perfect for workflow automation. And due to its easy-to-use interface, it enables team members to write or learn how to write codes easily.

Retail businesses

It has a flexible scripting environment that allows quick shipping of automations using JavaScript.

autocode lowcode app builder

Small, home-grown businesses

With the pandemic came much development of online stores and remote businesses.

Autocode is designed to enable automatic updates of new order details to retail outlets and also to track customer contact with ease (in conjunction with Airtable)

autocode lowcode app builder

How much does Autocode cost?

Flexibility and transparency are part of the goals of Autocode, and as such, it transcends even its pricing. It has different subscription tiers that are pocket friendly and are very fair.

autocode lowcode app builder

Bronze subscription

Bronze subscription tier is free for builders experimenting with simple automations and projects.

Silver Subscriptions

Silver subscriptions cost $9 USD / month or $81 USD / year. Silver subscriptions include:

  •   250,000 requests / month
  •   Unlimited projects
  •   3 linked resources per project
  •   2 environments per project
  •   3 additional collaborators per project
  •   60-second max endpoint timeout
autocode lowcode app builder

Gold Subscriptions

Gold subscriptions cost $20/month or $180/year, includes:

  •   1,000,000 requests / month
  •   Unlimited projects
  •   5 linked resources per project
  •   5 environments per project
  •   10 additional collaborators per project
  •   120-second max endpoint timeout
  •   Community support and documentation

Diamond Subscriptions

Diamond subscription tiers are bespoke plans based on the needs of businesses and teams. Diamond subscription tier includes:

  •   Higher usage limits of 10,000,000 requests per month.
  •   Access Control and Team Management
  •   Unlimited Projects
  •   Unlimited Collaborators
  •   Unlimited Linked Resources
  •   Unlimited Identity Tokens
  •   Unlimited Development Environments
  •   Audit logs and user history
  •   Custom API development
  •   600-second max endpoint timeout
  •   Enterprise SLA
  •   Execution is not halted upon overage

Conclusion on this Autocode Review

The world keeps getting digitized even more per minute, and keeping up to speed with human effort is close to futile.

Autocode provides easily accessible means to code, automate and share your ideas, products or service with the world.

autocode lowcode app builder

What's more?

Anybody, beginner or professional, can easily access, learn and code. It removes the need for the employment of software experts and developers.

That automatically generates funds and exposure, but It also reduces the need for labor employment and eases the general management burden.

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Sooner or later CODERs and NOCODERs have to join forces…

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