Airtable is a low code database and app creation platform with the mission to democratize the idea of software/app creation that fits your workflow as it evolves with your team.






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What is Airtable?

Airtable is a low-code database and app creation platform founded on the belief that nothing should stop you from creating an application that would help you modernize and speed your workflow for better business outcomes.

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Their mission is to democratize the idea of software/app creation by empowering users to develop whatever tools they require to meet their operational business needs.

Many creators and creatives with low budgets have been using this platform to create tools because they do not have enough financial power to hire experienced developers.

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It might also be that they do not want to waste money since there is a better and easier way to get things done.

Why Airtable?

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Once you have set up your single pool of information on an Airtable spreadsheet, you have the power of a database to develop and deploy powerful business ideas.

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It all boils down to how creative you and your team are.

Go As you Grow

This platform does not leave you stranded anytime you want to scale up your workflow or business. It helps you and your team transition smoothly without having to do anything extra.

airtable nocode website

No matter how sophisticated your solutions have become, Airtable has been designed to evolve with your next level of operation.

No Extra Workforce

You don’t need more hands. All you need is a better workflow.

Who uses Airtable?

It is designed to work for anyone who needs workflow for productivity, especially in these major areas:

Product Development

  •   Orchestrate everything from strategy to launch
  •   Create a source of truth for your entire organization
  •   Build based on insights, not just instinct
  •   Execute flawless launches
  •   Close the loop with your customers
  •   Bring all the data you need into one place


  •   Orchestrate campaigns, launches, and more
  •   Manage deliverables through every stage
  •   Streamline creative approvals
  •   Save time on repeatable work
  •   Report on outcomes and performances
  •   Construct the perfect solution for your team


  •   Visualize your most important data in one place
  •   Streamline ordering, work requests, and fulfillment
  •   Keep initiatives on track as work changes
  •   Create real-time dashboards
  •   Make data-driven decisions
  •   Create the perfect solution for each workflow

Human Resources

  •   Streamline new hire onboarding
  •   Keep your team aligned throughout the hiring process
  •   Create a single source of truth for your HR policies
  •   Get a full picture of your organization
  •   Bring all the data you need into one place


  •   Collaborate across customer-facing teams
  •   Standardize important customer workflows
  •   Save time on repeatable processes
  •   Bring all the data you need into one place


  •   Streamline your financial workflows and processes
  •   Track expenses and budgets in real-time
  •   Accelerate and automate your financial reporting process
  •   Keep your work connected across different systems


  •   Custom-built collaboration
  •   Accelerating your success, together
  •   Get guidance that grows with you
  •   Speed up adoption
  •   Enjoy ongoing success program

How Does Airtable Work?

Create with the help of a database

With Airtable, you have the opportunity to use the power of a flexible, relational, and usable data model that keeps inspiring you with ideas of how more productive you can be.

 You have the right to add fields you like and discard whatever you do not need.

Configure the perfect view

You can create views designed for different uses with powerful options like sorting and filtering.  You can present whatever you are doing however you like it.

Extend your solution with Airtable Apps

You have over 50 app templates you can choose from. All you need is your data and everything comes to life.

Apart from using your apps to run your business, you can also make them available for other professionals at a price.

How Much Does Airtable Cost?

Airtable has multiple packages to help teams of all sizes orchestrate their work.

The Free plan is free indefinitely. It is open to small teams or individuals with limited needs.

Plus plan is available for $10/user.

Pro plan costs $20/user with flexible customizations and teamwork features.

Conclusion on this airtable review

One of the aims of using Airtable is to experience infinite flexibility and extensibility. With Airtable, you do not need any other platform for creating apps and software for productive workflows.

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