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What is Adalo?

Adalo is a platform used to create an app without any knowledge of coding. According to them, building apps should not be painful, slow, and expensive.

You can easily build apps with attractive visuals by dragging and dropping ready-made components and templates.

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You can also design your preferred template if you do not see any template or component that matches your needs. Adalo gives you 100% control of your app creation process.

You do not need a software developer to bring life to your ideas anymore because you can automatically incorporate interactions and any kind of database configuration into your framework without coding.

adalo nocode website

With one click, your app is already available on both iOS and Android stores. You don’t need to wait any longer to make your app public.

If you have a side hustle, startup idea, an amazing app concept or you have a client who needs to turn his/her dreams into reality, this platform helps you build your app faster, better without stress.

Why Adalo?

Adalo was established because coding has prevented many people (in the millions or even billions) from turning their ideas into reality.

Only 0.3% of the world’s population knows how to bring life to an idea or concept through coding.

adalo nocode website

It was established based on the premise that anyone has the right to be empowered enough to build apps without regard to their technical background.

As we are fast entering into a digital era, if only 1% of the world’s population can turn ideas into reality by solving genuine and generic problems that affect mankind greatly, then we are already missing out on what 99% has to offer.

Adalo has tasked itself to empower the 99% to meet the demand of the disruptive and digital era.

How does Adalo Work?

Adalo has made the process of app creation easier by providing:


Jumpstart your app-building process by making several templates that may match what you need to do available. All you need to do is comb through the ready-made templates created by the community of designers and start your app-creation exercise.

adalo nocode website

Every template is fortified with varieties of screens, database collections, actions, etc. 

The only thing you need to do is select the template you like and start editing it according to your idea.

Cloneable UI Kits

Adalo has a community of creators who have made UI kits available to save you the time and stress of creating beautifully designed user interfaces.

These Cloneable kits have been designed with functionalities that you can bring together to form a whole new experience that is different from other apps.

All you need to do is just select and clone all the kits you need to build the functionality of your application.


Even if you are not good with designs, there is a wide network of freelance designers that can help you build the kind of app you have been dreaming of.

adalo nocode website

All the designers need from you is your idea. The designers do everything else beautifully, like designing, building, and launching your app.


You can iterate as fast as you want because you can afford to do so on Adalo, unlike hiring designers and developers who need extra financial motivation to help you check out the viability of your app from time to time.

adalo nocode website

How Much Does Adalo Cost?

You can bring your ideas to life without breaking too much sweat or hurting your pocket. Adalo has made sure of that with its subscription plans:

FREE – Explore Plan

This is perfect for an app you want to get started without any initial financial commitment. With the Explore plan you:

  •   Can build any number of Apps
  •   Can publish to an Adalo domain
  •   Have Adalo Branding on your App
  •   Are limited to 50 rows of data per app
adalo nocode website

$50/Month – Pro Plan

This is perfect for an app you want to launch the first version of your app. With the Pro plan you:

  •   Can build an unlimited number of Apps
  •   Can publish to Apple & Google Stores
  •   Can publish to a Custom Web Domain
  •   Can Connect to External Data Collections
  •   Can Trigger Unlimited Custom Actions
  •   Have 5 GB of Data Storage
  •   Have 1 Seat (App Builder)

$200/Month – Business Plan

If you want your team to grow, iterate, and scale your app to reach everyone, a business plan helps help you with:

  •   Unlimited Apps!
  •   Publishing on Apple & Google Stores
  •   Publishing to a Custom Web Domain
  •   Connecting to External Data Collections
  •   Triggering Unlimited Custom Actions
  •   Having 20 GB of Data Storage
  •   Having 5 Seats (App Builders)
  •   A Dedicated Account Manager

Conclusion on this Adalo Review

Adalo’s no-code movement empowers and encourages professionals closest to problems in different industries to build solutions to solve them.

adalo nocode website

With Adalo, you are totally in control to change your app features, improve its functionality, or build a new one entirely.

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