Actiondesk is a cloud-based platform that helps you build live report with coding. You can import data from Airtable, HubSpot, Stripe and more to create dashboards in a spreadsheet.






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What is Actiondesk?

Actiondesk is a platform that helps you build live data reporting from your data with no code.

With this platform, you can import data from anywhere, like SQL, Airtable, HubSpot, Stripe, Intercom & more to create dashboards in a spreadsheet.

actiondesk nocode data management

You also have the flexibility of sourcing from multiple data sources, collating them into one simple cloud-based spreadsheet for creating multiple custom dashboards that keeps updating without human input or extra coding.

All you need is the spreadsheet skills and formulas you already have, and you can easily get any form of answer you need from your database.

actiondesk nocode data management

The platform has taken your dependence on tech teams from you and given you the ability to build your dashboard the way you need it to be.

Who needs Actiondesk?

Several sets of professionals and Citizen Developers need a platform like this to elevate their productivity. Actiondesk has narrowed them to five:


A founder needs to follow key metrics of his/her company thoroughly to track strategic or important KPIs to the company’s growth.

actiondesk nocode data management


You need to follow the money where it goes. Know what is coming in and going out of your system to ensure you are meeting set objectives.

actiondesk nocode data management

This platform gives you instant financial information and helps you with an accurate forecast.


Creating sales dashboards¬†gives a visual presentation of your sales performance and helps focus on the team’s important KPIs.

actiondesk nocode data management


The role of the platform is to provide you with metric details of your orders in one spreadsheet to ensure customer satisfaction through efficient delivery by helping you know where to improve to step up your game.

actiondesk nocode data management


It gives your technical team the autonomy to build their reports without any external assistance.

actiondesk nocode data management

Why Actiondesk?

Apart from the fact that it only takes less than 30 seconds to Actiondesk to your data source, below are the reasons you need to opt for Actiondesk for more productivity:

More than BI tools

Everyone knows how to use spreadsheets, unlike Metabase or Chartio.

More than Spreadsheet

You always have live data because your reports are automatically updated, unlike Google Sheets or Excel.

actiondesk nocode data management

More than SQL editor

You need no code. Your team members who have spreadsheet skills can explore your data. You only need to use SQL queries in rare cases.


Updating settings for each minor change you make is not necessary, unlike Zapier.

actiondesk nocode data management

Internal tool/Admin panel

You can save precious time by focusing on building your product while you allow this platform to help you with your repetitive administrative tasks

How Does Actiondesk Work?

Connect and import your favorite data without SQL in a minute

Low code, No SQL needed (but you can still use it)

Data automatically refreshed

Secure: databases cannot be edited, only imported

Spreadsheet formulas

You do not need to acquire a new tool. Use all the spreadsheet formulas you already know.

Pivot table

You reduce your time updating or rebuilding your reports by building pivot tables with your company data because every update is automatic.

actiondesk nocode data management


You can compare and get quick insights with stacked or pie or charts. Actiondesk generates your charts without any hassle.

Live Data

When you receive data from an external source, Actiondesk refreshes automatically.

Synced Data

It is vibrant. You only have the opportunity to view your data but cannot make an actual update or sync back to your data source.

actiondesk nocode data management

Data Storage

Data is stored temporarily while working on and viewing your spreadsheets. No data is stored permanently.

Data source

If you are connecting to a database, you need your credentials, and it takes 30 seconds or less to establish a connection.

How Much Does Actiondesk Cost?

There is no free package for users but they can sign up for a free trial. The premium package is the most popular and least expensive.

actiondesk nocode data management

Conclusion on this Actiondesk Review

With Actiondesk, you can build live, automated reports with your spreadsheet skills and nothing more.

It works like a Google or Excel spreadsheet, but you cannot easily connect to all available data sources you need.

actiondesk nocode data management

You can follow Actiondesk’s two minute guide to learn how to build and share an insightful automated report.

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